Styl.Inc, the brainchild of Meha Bhargava, founded in 2012, has seen itself grow in not only in our years of experience but also as Team that only ensures quality of service and endurance of its employees to withstand any obstacle we might encounter. As a team of professional Image Consultants, Wedding Stylists & Personal Shoppers, we are proficient when it comes to catering to our clients and believe in going that extra mile with our services. You will always have a confidant, an ally amongst any one of us, always ready to take up challenges and keep secrets if required.

Best Wedding Planner in Delhi, India

Meha Bhargava, is an Image Management professional and a Fashion Grad. from N.I.F.T, Delhi. She is one of the first, India based Consultants to have received training and experience directly under, veterans like Judith Rasband, a Certified Image Master (CIM) AICI,U.S.A and the with the Singapore Chapter President Pang Li Kin(CIP) alongside a diploma from Istituto Marangoni, Milan.

She she excels in the ability of striking a cord with her clients in order to positively approach individuals. She advices you on what works, what doesn't, when and why! Boss lady with her dynamism and enthusiasm towards Styl.Inc holds the team together, encouraging each one of us to excel as a professional.

Meha Bhargava

Founder & CEO

Working to eliminate the
‘It didn’t go as planned!’

A happy go lucky person with aspirations set sky-high and equipped with inviolable strength to achieve them. Shivangi brings to Styl.Inc her unique charisma and flair for weddings and fashion.

When she’s not going nuts over managing clients and juggling numbers, she likes to model and act for the camera, or hang in her boots and sip a cup of chai!

Shivangi Dwivedi

Chief Operations Officer

There’s a perfect
#Hashtag for everything!

Love for chocolate & anything sweet, taking candid pictures at the spur of the moment and spacing out in her own little candy land presenting to you our social media geek Shivi. She brings Styl.Inc a new view point and a creative explosion of innovative content.

When she’s not combating with the ever changing social media, you can find her nose deep in her e-book or running behind her social life.

Shivi Bhardwaj

Social Media Geek

Aarshiya writes to taste the life twice, in the moment and in retrospect. Being a professional Bharatnatyam dancer she likes to fly in her fantasy land of enchanting music and dance which makes her see the world differently.

She takes keen interest in weddings and fashion proceedings everywhere. With her idiomatic style of writing she contributes the reading room of Styl.Inc.

Aarshiya Gautam

Guest Writer

Chirpy, foodie, shopaholic and a budding stylist that’s the qualities that defines Priyal. With a flair for writing she believes in thorough research and presenting a whole new perspective on fashion and lifestyle. With her relatable content and quirky, thought-out scripts, you will definitely want to try things her way.

When not writing she can be seen styling herself or posing for the camera.

Priyal Malik

Guest Writer