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It is summer again and it is time for updating your wardrobe according to Spring Summer 2018. Yes, it sounds fun and exciting when we say! But, that is not the story for everybody out there. Some people actually dread updating and shopping for new things to go with the season. What if we tell you that it is indeed possible to go low and still look updated for the season? We bring you the ultimate 10X10 Challenge, which is basically nothing but a guide to you being fabulous with less clothes.

In this challenge, the wardrobe will consist of 10 pieces that are must haves and how you can make 10 outfits out of these basic pieces. While taking the decision of building a basic and core wardrobe there are three perks that people swear by because of the quality upgrade.

  • They fit better
  • They have a long life span
  • They feel wonderful and comfortable

Just adding a few accessories, can completely alter the entire look. Like a bag, different footwear, a watch, and a pair of glasses. The basic pieces that we have included in the challenge to create 10 different looks are:-

  • White tee
  • Striped Black tee
  • Flannel Shirt
  • Plaid Shirt
  • Plain Gray Shirt
  • Blue Jeans
  • Black Jeans
  • Yoga Pants
  • Black Skirt
  • Olive Green Jacket

Look 1

This look is apt for a casual outing, where you aim to be your most comfortable and still look your best. A simple white tee with blue jeans and a plaid shirt. Paired with brown flats or even white sneakers look effortless and light.


Look 2

This look is just a little altered version of the previous look. The white tee goes inside the plaid shirt which is tucked into the jeans, paired up with brown flats or you can also go for the white sneakers. The look is a little bit more neater and sharper. You can go to office in this outfit and after office you can easily convert the formal you to the casual you by taking off the shirt and tying it around your waist.  


Look 3

Look number 3 is your formal look for office hours. The plain gray shirt with black jeans and brown flats, make you look straight forward and sincere. Also, at the same time you look classy and chic, with an air of ease around you. The glasses and the office bag completes the look perfectly.

Look 4

This look is super casual and it makes you look like a fun loving person who likes to experiment. Instead of the old plain shirt and jeans, you experiment with your outfit. A shirt on shirt, tied on the front looks creative and chic. You can play with this look after office hours, just wear the plaid shirt over your plain gray shirt and knot it in the front. Mix & match your clothes a little!

Look 5

You can pull off this look in office as well as a casual outfit. The gray shirt and black jeans, paired up with white sneakers can pull off as an office outfit. To alter the outfit slightly you can let go of the tucked look and let loose your shirt, wear a jacket on top and you are ready to go.

Look 6

A more casual look for whether going out for drinks with friends or to a market. This combination of olive, white and black can never go wrong and is an ultra classic colour palette for each and every skin colour and body type. Pair the look with universal white sneakers and a pair of glasses and a wrist watch.

Look 7

This look has a slight difference than the previous one. Yes! It is the flannel shirt. A Flannel shirt is an easy alternative of a jacket and the jeans can be substituted by yoga pants. These slight changes guarantee extra comfort, especially in a hot and humid weather. You can easily choose between the two looks depending on the mood and circumstances.

Look 8

This outfit is creative and has an edge to it. The white tee, tucked into the skirt with a flannel shirt on top. To make the look more formal and sharp we advise you to wear a belt on the waist. Complete the entire look with white sneakers and a pair of glasses.

Look 9

This outfit is the most universal choice made by ladies throughout the globe. One can never be too much or too less while wearing a striped black tee, tucked in a high waist black pencil skirt. Complete the look with white sneakers, pair of glasses, and an office bag.

Look 10

The last outfit can be either your office outfit and later can play the role of super laid back and casual look. The striped black tee with yoga pants and a flannel shirt on top, makes you look calm and confident. Complete the look with white sneakers.

Just 10 pieces of clothing plus some accessories is all that you need. So enjoy the season, relish the number of options that this season brings with itself. Keep mix and matching the clothes and keep looking pretty. Styl-Inc is always ready with more such exciting blogs.

Sign’in off,

Keep’in it Styl-ish,

-Aishwarya Raghuwanshi

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