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‘I’m pregnant’, these would have been probably the happiest words you’ve ever said and most joyous you’ve ever felt. You’re journey to motherhood would have definitely been an exciting one, and you would’ve changed inside out. So just like all the other special moments in life it’s time to capture these memories as well. Maternity shoots are going viral, with women getting themselves captured in their last days of pregnancy and saving all the memories of their journey. Here are some fun and quirky poses you can strike for your maternity shoot.


You can use different baby elements for this concept like, shoes or a bib or anything you like. This is a very subtle way of letting the big news out and when the Mr. gets involved it gets even cuter.

picture courtesy: Dawm Lopez photography/ Cori Hallis photography

I love pets and I’m a firm believer that they’re family and they should be made a part of every celebration. Get your pet involved, give them a hint about the new entrant and probably their new best friend.

picture courtesy: Pinterest

This one is perfect for the ladies who’ve almost reached their due date and are ‘ready to pop’ anytime.

picture courtesy: Pinterest

Everyone talks about having weird cravings and binge eating sessions during pregnancy, well capture it. I’m sure eating anything and everything in the name of cravings would have been one of the most enjoyable parts of your pregnancy. So click it while it lasts.

picture courtesy: Silver Sparrow photography/ Pinterest

The effect of movies can be seen everywhere, even while you’re expecting. Just like movie posters are used to create a buildup, create for yourself a pregnancy poster. Let it portray your happiness, excitement and even anxiety about become parents. Make it fun!

picture courtesy: Traci Burke photography/ Pinterest / Pinterest

Get your family involved and freeze these beautiful moments, striking these fun maternity shoot poses.


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