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Bollywood Actresses Dresses for Your Next Party

Our Bollywood divas are our fashion gurus and they keep bestowing upon us immense fashion knowledge. Just when we feel we’ve seen it all, they are back with more. If we’d get a penny for every time we wished to get our hands on one of the dresses some actress is wearing, we’d all be super rich by now! But just because we can’t get the dresses can’t stop us from at least pleasing our eyes by looking at them. So here we have a few outfits we’re sure you’d want to have for your next party!


We all love some bling but Disha Patani definitely took her love for bling to the next level. Her look does look retro inspired and we love it. Wearing this outfit to a party will quiet literally make you the star of the night!

picture courtesy: Studio Verandah

Nothing can display how much the right belt can lift your look better than these two ladies. Be it a suit or a dress, the right belt is the only accessory you need to amp it up. The bolder you get, the better it is.

picture courtesy: Instagram/ Lavish Alice

This must sound really new and let me tell you it’s super-hot. Move over crop tops, crop suits are here to steal their light. And I love them!

picture courtesy: Instagram

We all love gowns. I just love how elegant a gown makes me feel and I can’t stop imagining myself in these 2 gowns.  I’m sure a lot of you girls can relate to me. Esha Gupta and Sonam Kapoor Ahuja are definitely the gown divas of Bollywood.

picture courtesy: Lecoanet Hemant/ Instagram

These are some of my top picks that I’d love to get my hands on. What are yours? For further queries or to get styled reach us at STYL-INC.


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