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Cute Styles for Summer Wardrobe

We’ve written so much about summer fashion and yet there is so much left. Every time we feel like we’ve seen it all the summer of 2k18 has to offer we get bombarded with new styles. So here we are again with another blog to show you some more cutesy styles the summer has for us.


The current vibe is to keep it simple yet classy. And summers call for breezy jumpsuits and rompers. I definitely wouldn’t suggest anyone to wear blingy stuff out there in the burning sun. Go for such airy silhouettes and feel comfortable throughout the day.

picture courtesy: Zara India

Belts have undoubtedly become one of my favorite accessories this season. Since I love wearing, slightly loose clothes during such crazy heat I love how a belt give me the right fit at the right point. When I wear a belt over almost anything I get the look of a cinched waist and yet the outfit remains loose from everywhere else. This keeps my ensemble fitted yet loose and I love it and suggest everyone to try it.

picture courtesy: Zara India/ Anita Dongre

We can never leave dresses out, no matter what the weather is like, dresses always find a way to fit. And summers call for trendy necklines and flowy silhouettes. Ditch the super fitted dresses for some time and enjoy the comfort of loosely fitted dresses. Perfect for formal and casual wear and classy as ever.

picture courtesy: Sachin and Babi/ Instagram

Amp up your summer wardrobe and beat the heat in style. Keep the fabrics breathable and your wardrobe timeless. We’ll keep bring new styles, new trends and chicest silhouettes your way. For further queries or to get styled reach us at STYL-INC.


Signin off,

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-Priyal Malik

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