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Every season comes with its own set of fashion staples or essentials and a fashion staple for the fall is Scarves. Scarves trend for a few months every year but damn they look amazing. So right with the onset of the fall season, I wanted to introduce you to the different styles of wearing a scarf. From cottons to silk you can style them all!



For this you require a scarf with a thin width and short length. Twist the scarf along its length and tie it around your neck with just a knot and no loops to give a casual look. It looks great with jeans for even casual dresses, apt for a day out.

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Ascots are worn by men and this style is a great way for women to replicate it. Take a silk scarf, wrap it around your neck and make a knot in the front. Tuck the scarf inside your cardigan or shirt and you’re good to go. It’ll go perfectly with your work wear, adding a chic edge to your everyday look.

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If you want to go full-fledged formal and chic with scarves then these styles are your calling. For the first style, take a silk scarf and fold it along its length. Wrap it around your neck with one end over lapping the other and secure the intersection with a brooch. For the second style go for a silk blend scarf as its slightly stiff. Fold the scarf along its length, wrap it around your neck twice and then secure it with a bow tie knot.

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These 2 styles are inspired from 2 necklines, sailor and cowl. For the first one, take a square scarf and fold it into a triangle. Take the two ends from under the collars and knot them in the front. For the second style wrap the scarf very loosely around your neck to create a fall on your neck and then secure it with a knot or a brooch.

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A scarf is one such accessory that you can style daily in different ways and look brand new. Try these styles and create some more of your own.


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