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Rob Delaney once quoted “I hate wearing suits & ties”. I am pretty sure, this is what every man thinks while going to his office. Ties can make a man feel bound. Especially in summers, what a relief it would be if you get to remove your tie during office hours.

Here are small tips for all those who would love to wear formals to their work only if the definition of formals was suits minus ties.

1. Opt For Business-Casuals

We always discuss about smart-casuals but today’s era is all about “Business-Casuals”. Business-casuals are a sharper and more sophisticated version of smart-casuals. Wearing strict formals is not the formula. Wearing casuals and yet making people believe that you hold the position in the organisation is the formula.

2. Crisp Collars

The collar of your shirt is the pillar that holds your attire in case you don’t wear a tie with your business suit. Crinkled collar just kills the look. While carrying a suit without a tie to a meeting, make sure you iron the collar of your shirt well. Collar stays work really well in this case. Or simply use a little starch for a crisp and strong collar hold.

3. Choose The Right Shirt


Crisp collar also depends on the kind of shirt you choose for the tie-less look. Pick a shirt with button-down collar in chambray or stiff cotton or denim cotton. Soft fabrics allow the shirt collars to fall down in few hours.

4. Button or Unbutton

Always make sure that the right number of buttons of your shirt are open. Top button open is within the formal limits, second button open also lies within the range of semi-formals but third button open and you are way out of your dress code to office.

5. Opt For A Pocket Square

Pick a pocket square of contrasting colour and print. Pocket square helps lifting up your attire and because it’s spring/summer, you are all free to experiment with colours and prints here.

6. Let Your Suit Speak For You

The main aim of power dressing is to let your clothing speak for you at your workplace, no matter at what position are you. And this power of letting your clothes speak for you comes from the confidence with which you carry yourself.

Always remember, removing a small accessory like a tie from your outfit can never let you down at workplace. Always, keep your suit, shirt and shoes on point and you are great to go. For more scoop tune to Styl-Inc.

Suit Up…

Ditch Your Tie…


Keep It Stylish….

Pallavi Ludhrani

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