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Fun Poses to Strike with Your Bae on Your Wedding

We’ve all seen our parent’s wedding albums and giggled about the poses our parents struck during their wedding. The ‘look through the dupatta’ or ‘the groom’s picture placed strategically on the bride’s palms’. But let’s be honest no wedding is complete without a few quirky poses, after all these are the things which will make you guys laugh later. The times have changed and so have the poses. We’ll give the poses of the 90’s a rest and show you some new age funky poses you can strike with your bae on your wedding day!


This is my favorite one. I just love how this couple got all playful and struck the hottest party pose of the season. Dab it all the way, dab it with your bae!

picture courtesy: Oragraphy

The essence of Bollywood can be seen everywhere so why not incorporate it in your wedding photography. This sweet ‘let me tie your anklet’ pose is straight out of Bollywood.

picture courtesy: Amrit photography

Get all mushy and squishy and go click-ty click! Such pictures look super adorable and so natural. Let your ‘candid’ posing shine.

picture courtesy: Gautam Khullar photography

This is sort of like the basic pose you can start with. All you have to do is look at each other and smile. Easy-peesy and so cute.

picture courtesy: gautam Khullar photography

This pose needs no introduction, and i like to call it the dreamy twirl. This is one pose which doesn’t really require any posing. All you have to do is twirl and smile and make your Mr. smile with you and that’d do!

picture courtesy: Amrit photography

Make your wedding photography fun by incorporating quirky ideas and poses. Your coordinated outfits and picture perfect backgrounds will add more charm to your pictures. Don’t shy away from enjoying every bit of your wedding after all it’s only going to happen once. And these will be the picture that’ll make you giggle every time you’ll go through your wedding album. For further queries or to get styled reach us at STYL-INC.


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-Priyal Malik

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