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What is Image Consulting? And do I really need it? |STYL-INC-Stylblog!

What is Image Consulting

Majority of you must have heard the term ‘Image Consulting’ sometime but are you aware of what it really means? Today I’ll break this term to a very simple form for everyone to understand and incorporate in their lives. Image Consulting/ Management is wherein a professional steps in to give your personality that extra dash of charm to make you even more amicable. To make it even simpler let me put it in 3 alphabets, Continue Reading

What’s the difference between Image Consulting and Makeover?|Stylblog!

Difference Between Image Consulting and Makeover

People often confuse ‘Image consulting’ with ‘Makeovers’, though both of these are different from each other at some point they do correlate a little. Makeovers are an aspect of Image consulting but it’s not vice versa. Let me break down for you into something super easy to comprehend. MAKEOVER Firstly the term means bringing about a change in your physical attributes, like your hair, clothes and makeup. And the professional who does this is referred Continue Reading