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Dressing up for Christmas Eve / Christmas Party!

Christmas is not a holiday, it’s a feeling. It’s the favorite time of the year when friends and family gather together, sing and drink hot chocolate. This is the occasion of dressing up and showing up your Christmas spirit. But what makes a proper holiday look without being looking too dressed up or down for the eve. More specifically, what’s the ideal outfit for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. As such there are no set Continue Reading

Fashion Staple : The Bow-Tie | STYL-INC | Styl-Blog

A person’s whole personality gets reflected by what they wear and how they carry it. It’s always easy to dress-up well if your updated wardrobe has all the fashion staples. When it comes to fashion staples, accessories play a vital role. One of these fashion must-haves is a Bow-Tie. Bow-Tie is an off-beat fashion accessory that makes a statement piece in your attire. And trust me, you’ll feel delighted in yourself if you own at least one of these. Why should one own a Bow-tie?   1.  Because every man looks sharper carrying one. Bow-tie gives an extra edge to a Continue Reading


Top 10 Monsoon Must Haves to Remain Fashionable

Top 10 Monsoon Must Haves. Which true Indian doesn’t love monsoons? Everything about it is so enjoyable and romantic. Relief from the rising temperature, lush scenery and overcast skies to hot bhajiyas and hotter tea, monsoon is definitely a stunning season. But with magic of rainy season there comes a lot of puddle problem. Anyone is over with the fascination in one or two days and is braving against the challenges of monsoon. Here are Continue Reading

Dupatta / Scarf Drapes Everyone can try this Summer! STYL-INC-Stylblog!

Dupatta / Scarf Drapes to Try in Summer

It is June already and summer is in full swing! The good part about summer is the fashion or call it clothing options that we have. Here in this hot weather, which doesn’t seem to cease anytime soon, what would be better than a scarf or a dupatta. Looking good is what everybody wants and it is no secret. But, there is something that everybody will agree on, and that is the fact that adding Continue Reading


Top 5 Bathing Suit Trends for Summer

Summer, that long anticipated stretch of lazy, lingering days, free of responsibility and rife with possibility. It’s time to master headstands, practice swimming strokes, conquer tress, explore nooks and bring out your swimwear to beat the heat. The country is burning up with heat. The air conditioners seem to be working really hard but still failing. What comes to our rescue here is swimming. An ultimate relief from the scorching heat. Styl-Inc brings to you Continue Reading