Top 10 Essentials to Have in Your Work Bag

Top 10 work bag essentials. I am sure that there must have been days when you have reached for your bags to look for some lifesaving stuff that keeps you well prepared for anything that your work day might throw at you?

Work bag essentials might seem a pretty simple thing. But it isn’t. when it comes to prepping our bag, we tend to forget the most important stuff. We should be ready for any kind emergency. What if you have to leave for a party after work? Or a formal dinner with colleagues? And you have left your make up kit behind.

Here is a list of the top 10 work bag essentials one will definitely at some point.


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It is a no brainer that a wallet is a must have in your bag wherever you go. Cash is a basic necessity. Also, wallet usually contains a lot of other important cards. Without which your day won’t be any easy. So, our number 1 is Wallet.


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Whether they are pain killers, antibiotics or any other medication that you are on. Especially the ones that are to be consumed on a regular basis. Should be well kept in the bag because survival without will not be possible. Number 2 is important medications.


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Work can be stressful sometimes. Situations might come when you skip your meals due to the work pressure. That’s when a granola bar comes handy. A wholesome snack which will provide you with instant energy. And also prevent situations like fainting. There are always options like fruits, nuts etc. Number 3 is Granola bar to the rescue.

  1. MAKE UP

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Now this more of a personal choice. Depending upon how much you wear make-up. And how much you like it. A tinted lip balm, A favorite lipstick, eye liner and BB cream should be good enough to do a quick fix for your tired working face. Number 4 is makeup.


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Work is a harsh place which makes you feel withered out. A mist or a perfume makes you feel fresh and pleasant. Puts you in mood to be more productive and energized. Number 5 is perfume.


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Water is the most essential thing to survive. Staying hydrated not only keeps your body going but keeps the brain active as well. You would also be doing your skin a huge favor by drinking a good amount of water.


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Running to the rest room again and again isn’t possible to clean your hands or make your face feel a little fresh. That’s when you need the these above mentions things the most. To make sure you are maintaining your hygiene. And to refresh yourself.


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A charger is a MUST. We all know how fast the battery dies. Having a charger saves us the misery of as for it from our colleagues. A portable one is also helpful.

  1. PEN

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With a habit of using our mobile phones and laptops. For noting things to keeping a tab of them we forget the use of a pen but there might be situations you need it the most.

  1. KEYS

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We need keys all the time. Always.

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