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Image Consulting, is a science of verbal and non-verbal mean of communication encompassing Dressing, Grooming and Body Language. In an environment where being respectful extends itself to these three elements of communication we as Image Consultants, are here to be of assistance.

Image Management Consultants


Styl.Inc Image Management Consultants recognizes infinite variety of art and science within the aspect of dress and image. We give people advice that will help them achieve their goals and aspirations. Whether it is to get a new job, or to make a good first impression, or to simply feel good, we tell you all and that and much more.


A one stops shop for finding a newer and improved self, to help you look better. You might choose to pick from our many services with the sole aim of making a difference in your life.


We at Styl.Inc constantly try to teach you to be self-dependent to know what works, what doesn't, when it works and why it works. You realize that there is virtually everything that you can wear. We believe in relying on clothes as a resource, a tool that can help you achieve your goals.


Improve your image, and in return increase your self-esteem, self-confidence and self credibility. Equipped with good communication and presentation skills would definitely assure you personal and professional success.


At Styl.Inc we cater to working with Men, Women, Working Professionals, Home Makers, and even Teenagers, people from all walks of life. We consult individually; hold seminars, workshops and luncheon meetings, tailored to meet specific needs and goals, using the best available technology and take home materials.

Meha Bhargava


Meha Bhargava, is an Image Management professional in this budding field of Image Consultancy in India. She is one of the first, India based Consultants to have received training and experience directly under, veterans like Judith Rasband, a Certified Image Master (CIM) at the Association of Image Consultants and AICI,U.S.A and the former Singapore Chapter President Pang Li Kin(CIP).


Her education is wholesome when we add her Fashion communication degree from the prestigious National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi and her diploma certificate in Image Consulting from the glorified Istituto Marangoni, Milan.


With excellent work experience as a Fashion Stylist with professional like that of Priyanka Misra (Fashion Director at Harper's Bazaar), NDTV GoodTimes (Fashion Stylist to their Popular Fashion Show) , and working with Judith Rasband, Styling has been her forte ever since.


As Image Management professional, she excels in the ability of striking a cord with her clients in order to positively approach individual needs. She advices you on what works, what doesn't, when and why!. With the dynamism and enthusiasm towards this new field that offers more than self realization, we are is out there to help make a difference!.




Shivi Bhardwaj

Social Media Manager

Shivi is a person with a love for chocolate & anything sweet, taking candid pictures at the spur of the moment and spacing out in her own little candy land.


Equipped with her Master’s Degree in Journalism & Mass Communication and experience in innovative Social Media activity improving methods. Shivi brings Styl.Inc a new view point and a creative explosion of innovative content.


She wants to learn all the fashion & wedding industry’s in & outs under the guidance of our Founder CEO to keep up Styl.Inc’s standards.


When she’s not combating with social media’s vast content, you can find her looking for targets through her favourite camera’s lens, crafting delicious sweet-treats and running behind social life to catch-up with it.




Shivangi Dwivedi

Chief Operating officer

Shivangi graduated with a degree in Fashion Design and has gained knowledge and experience in fashion and e-commerce industry. By nature a happy go lucky person with aspirations set sky-high and equipped with inviolable strength to achieve them, Shivangi brings to Styl.Inc her unique charisma and flair for creative content and hands on training.


While developing our exhaustive content, which is branded as our U.S.P, Shivangi also trains to be an aspiring Image Consultant under the leadership and guidance of our founder.

When she’s not going nuts over plethora of content on her table, she likes to model and act for the camera, or hang in her boots and sip a cup of chai!

“Styl.inc is all about bringing changes in your life. I can definitely say my decision to join styl.inc was absolutely amazing and right. Meha Bhargava my teacher, my guide has taught me a lot. In last 1 week it has been amazing experience starting with introduction round, communication skills, to dinning etiquette and makeup session. The way of teaching and demonstration has been amazing and very great learning experience, and I am definitely looking forward for another one week of fashion and styling. Thank you so much ma'am for taking us to the right path.”

Priya Chugh

“It was an amazing experience to be a part of Styl Inc. Image Consultants. It is really one of the best consoling firm providing courses related to Image enhancement and Personal Styling. I was very impressed with our mentor and trainer Meha Bhargava who is also the Founder CEO of Styl.Inc Image Consultants, her enthusiasm and knowledge of the subjects.

She helped me to groom myself, enhance my visual appeal and increases my self-confidence. All the courses ranging from communication skills, body language, dining etiquette, makeup, styling international etiquette etc. have all taught me to be a better individual.

It was a very comprehensive and informative course. Thank you!”

Mehak Gupta

“It was an amazing opportunity to be a part of the short summer course at Styl.Inc. I learnt all those things that are integral to enhance one's personality and image. The basic things that are really very important but often we fail to understand. I learnt communication skills, body language, dining etiquette, fashion, and styling etc. It has been really helpful in gaining confidence too. In this highly dynamic era, we often lag behind even after having degrees of qualification and work experience. At that point of time, Styl.Inc is the platform to look forward to. I am very thankful to Meha mam for guiding us.”

Kirti Charaya

“It was a pleasure to explore about our own looks, personality, and appearance. Thanks a lot for a giving a close insight of our own selves”

-Mohita Bakshi

"Meha is deeply passionate about image consulting, and a fast learner. It was a pleasure having her as a student and coachee. She communicates well and has a keen eye for style - attributes that will boost her career in image consulting"

Payal Sharma

“All that I learnt, I could apply it to daily life. No mugging up of concepts or reminders were required to help me adapt changes. Everything had appropriate reasons, procedures, and result. It has been a wonderful experience.”

Mohita Bakshi

“The professional is well versed with the knowledge & knows how to deal”

Simran Gupta

“A very innovative & new programme I have been exposed to for the first time. Learnt a lot.”

Dr. Akriti Mehra

“Styl-Inc Image consultants are very professional. Meha Ma’am had put all her efforts in changing us and making us a better individual.”

Sakshi Gupta

“There was a comfort level & ease of questioning about everything.”

Satakshi Pandey

“Very Comprehensive Presentation indeed, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.”

Gaurav Bhogol

“Thanks Meha for the wonderful session, made us feel like the perfect lady tripper not only at work but also in our personal life.”

Bhawana Khanduja

“Good Learning session.Amazing session Meha. Great job done by the trainer. I highly appreciate her efforts & style of conducting the training.”

Ifra Qadir

“The interaction and discussion had been really helpful in building confidence.”

Tanvi Lamba

A great learning session for personality development. This is going to help me both professionally and personally. The best learning of the session was that I could really connect what I lack and got ways to handle in future. Thank You :)

Ashima Kapoor
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What is Image?

Image is the physical representation of who we are. One’s personality, uniqueness, attitude, appearance, action and roles or goals in life speaks volumes of their Image consciously or unconsciously.

Right or wrong, the way a person looks is the yardstick you have for measuring people who want your trust even though you don't know them very well" – Erma Bombeck


What is Image consulting?

Image management is the ongoing process of evaluating and controlling the impact of Image i.e. dressing, grooming and body language its resulting responses on self and others.

It is about creating an authentic, appropriate and affordable personal or professional appearance, which in turn shall increase or boost your confidence, capability and contribute in your continuing success.


How does image consulting meets your unique needs?

Image consulting involves evaluation first, which gives the exact idea of what the consultant needs to work on. The evaluation includes one on one discussion, knowing one’s lifestyle, roles and goals, background and professional ethics. This all is done to make sure image consulting is done accordingly.


Who needs image consultation?

People looking for a job change, entrepreneurs, fresh college graduates, business professionals and corporates can hire image consultants to help them stand out in the crowd and carve a distinctive personal brand for them.


Why should you see an image consultant?

Image Consultants have expert knowledge and training in terms of attire, etiquette and professional appearance, communication skills. Beginning with your existing wardrobe, an Image Consultant will give suggestions on colour, cut, fitting and additional investment accessories that will help you portray yourself in a more assertive and successful manner.

Partnering with an Image Consultant is investing in you. A talented personal stylist will take your existing challenges and spin them into opportunities with immense confidence. The return is visible, as you will feel surer of yourself and will be able to present an appropriate image for any occasion which will save precious time organizing and purchasing your wardrobe.


What is the difference between image consulting, personality development and grooming?

Grooming is to take your appearance into consideration, to make sure one looks neat, clean and tidy. Grooming is an essential part of image consulting. Each Image Consultant is a grooming expert as well with added knowledge of countering and repeating techniques according to face shape.

Personality Development is defined as comparatively enduring a pattern of thoughts, temperaments, and actions that differentiate individuals from each other. Personality Development is one component of Image Management.

Image Consulting is about directing and preparing clients on an entirely victorious framework of overseeing appearance to make dynamic first impressions that lead to greater opportunities in life and also instilling soft skills to perform better when these prospects arise.


How much does it cost?

We have pre-planned packages for all of our services. But before suggesting any package to any client we make sure on meeting the client ,analyzing them and their lives so that we have a clear idea of what they need and what they actually don’t. This evaluation makes us offer a customized package including only and only what you need.


What all services do we get by an image consultation company?

Styl.Inc Image Consultants services and programs cover topics such as Personal Image Enhancement, Wardrobe styling, and Personal Shopping along with Business Protocols, Power Dressing, International Business Protocol and Business Etiquette.


Do you offer your services and appointments on weekends?

We generally like to take it easy over the weekends, but calls us we shall open a slot for you.


How long do these consultations last?

Depends on what clinic you choose, each clinic is dependent on the client’s interest, grasping power and time constrains.


Isn’t focusing on my image a little superficial?

Every individual is different. One particular thing may or may not suit two people that look alike. Our aim as Image Consultants is to assist you identifying what’s important to you, what works for you, what might not have worked in the past, and how you can utilize your outer appearance as an impactful tool to communicate effectively.


Does a person’s color palate change with age?

Yes! Color palate changes with age, change in lifestyle, and change in personal (hair/skin/eye) color.


Men don’t need too much care about their looks and appearances? Is that true?

As Pioneer in the image consultant field we meet men and women both equally eager for the transformations in their image and gain confidence. There is no age or gender bar or any other restriction to hire an image consultant.


What makes Styl-Inc different from other image consultants?

We are passionate about what we do. It takes courage to accept you have Image issues and we are here to become your closest confidant, a friend in need with the right tools, suggestions and advices to bring out the best in you.


How long will it take before my image starts to improve?

It is completely about you. The moment you start feeling confident with the changes and start walking with your heads soaring high that is when your image has been transformed.

We do however maintain, that we aren’t magicians and will not guarantee to change you overnight. Image transformation is a lifestyle change that you as an individual you need to adapt.


If I am happy with my overall image, can an image consultant still help me?

Yes of course! Who says good cannot become better. There is always a scope for improvement so an image consultant can make sure you become happier than never before with your image.


How Can An Image Consultant Help My Company?

Ours is the world where entrepreneurs and corporate professionals need to be cautious of the image they portray. It is an image oriented society that we all belong to.

As you set foot into a place, it is your first impression that can make or break a deal or opportunity you are looking out for. To know good business etiquettes is essential as it can boost one’s confidence and creates a much greater impact on people one comes in contact with.

We as Image Consultants we go way past just a simple shaking hands concept and enhance upon the larger picture where various other factors are seen to. Be it your dressing or body language, mannerisms or communication skills. We help you in almost every aspect that adds to forming a charismatic personality. From making telephonic conversation to teaching you dining etiquettes, we advise you on all that is needed to enhance your business image globally.


What is Personal Shopping?

Personal shopping is hiring a personal shopper who is your very own personal stylist, who shall recommend and advice clothing and accessories needs based on your figure, body specifics, lifestyle and personal preferences.


Who needs a Personal Shopper?

Anyone who is an enthusiast of looking well presented, but doesn’t know how with the overwhelming array of trends, styles and brands in the market. Also, anyone who too busy or lacks the patience to shop but yet wants to be up-to-date in style.


Who is it for?

We at Styl.Inc Image Consultants cater to Men and Women alike!


How long does this session last?

Ideally a personal shopping sessions lasts from anywhere between 4-6 hours. But its always based on discretion of either party.


How do I prepare for this service?

Once you book an appointment, you must avail our mini Image Consulting package for us to understand your lifestyle and personality preferences, figure type, body challenges and personal coloration, in order to have a smooth shopping session with your Image Consultant/ Personal Shopper.


Can this service be gifted?

Yes of course, this service can be gifted; we also come up with our festive and occasional vouchers providing discounts and additional member services.


How long does this session last?

Ideally a personal shopping sessions lasts from anywhere between 4-6 hours. But its always based on discretion of either party.


What is wedding styling?

Wedding styling is a personal stylist and shopper. A professional that helps the Bride, Groom and the family plan their looks for the wedding day. We at Styl.Inc in collaboration with our curated list of Designer across the country help you select the best in limited time and just as you had imagined.


I am stressing over my wedding shopping, can you help me?

We understand how stressful and overwhelming it can be for the couple and families to decide on what to wear. It’s your day and should be nothing short of magic. You probably have to tell us your budget and a little insight on what you dreamt as your bridal outfit and we shall leave no stone unturned to deliver!


I don’t know about my body type. Does that effect on what I wear.

Absolutely! We are Image Consultants first and ensure you dress as per your body type and best color palette. Which we shall analyze before we even begin shopping.


Do you help with trousseau shopping as well?

Trousseau has to be an integral part. Planning a whole new wedding wardrobe, with the trends, classics and contemporary pieces is a necessity, so relax we’ve got you covered.


I am travelling to India for my wedding shopping and have limited time.

Right from when we pick you up from the airport, to settling you in an accommodation, from where to shop and what all to shop, we would plan everything even before you land.

Do you have recommendations for makeup and hairstyling?

Ideally we would plan an entire look way in advance with our trusted makeup and hairstylists, we don’t like surprises and neither would you. So understanding and trying out different looks is extremely imperative.

Do you offer these services to the grooms as well?

Yes, we do. Not just the groom but your entire family, friends who’ll want our services. We are happy to help.


Do you offer your services anywhere beyond Delhi?

We can shop mostly in the urban cities of the country where we have a collection of good designers. As far as travelling to your wedding is concerned, we would ideally want to be with you every step of the way, thus insist our team travels to your wedding to ensure no glitches.


I can’t travel to India, but need outfits shipped, how does that work?

Don’t worry. Our team of professionals are equipped in gauging your style, all we’ll need are your measurement and insight. We got you covered on video chats and shall handle the shipping (on actuals) as per your requirements.


What would be the cost for the wedding styling services?

To be fair we charge by hours and have packages on hourly basis. You may choose from 10, 30, 50 or even 100 hours.