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Corporate Image Building

To some people the words corporate image building may mean “superficial gloss” and the way the person looks is thought to be of little to no importance. Not so! Acquainting yourself with corporate image management – the way you look, care for and carry yourself, your style, pose and presence – is a part of who you are. Once you are well-versed with the norms of corporate image building, it could reflect upon your personality, values, and interests and will be witnessed in regard for your environment.

Perhaps, this is why seeking help from a professional wardrobe stylist for corporate dressing for men and women along with securing few power dressing tips comes easy these days. After all, your image is “you” in the eyes and minds of others - a mental picture or a visual impression – your personal BRAND image and therefore corporate image management is crucial in today’s age.

Whether you are being seen or heard in person, the impression you send out becomes your professional identity and sets the stage for your reputation. People form their impressions about you by looking at you on the outside and making assumptions about what’s on the inside. Corporate dressing for men and corporate dressing for ladies can alter the days at work for the positive and be the ladder to success.

At Styl.Inc we offer you the following services and become your trusted ‘Personal Stylists’ who helps you ascend in your journey in this wonderful world of Styl.



Duration:               1-2 Hours

Audience:              Suitable for all audiences



Image advantage seminar is the pinnacle and base for all other seminars. It involves a clear understanding of Image Impact, Image Integrity and conclusively Image Management.

Your presence and efficiency in swaying people with your personality increase when you exhibit an original and suitable professional look. This modern and inimitable seminar imparts the use of nonverbal interaction through an individual’s outward show like dressing, personal grooming, mannerisms, etiquettes and body language that can help create a positive image that has a lasting impression of the people who interact with the person who has learnt the art.


Audience will understand

  • 1. The Impact of Image on communication and productivity.
  • 2. Importance of Self Branding
  • 3. Creating a more positive Image
  • 4. Understanding the Low Down on Dressing Down

* All programs can be clubbed expanded to half-day (4 hour) seminars



Duration:               2-4 Hours (1 closet)
                              2+ hours (Style Scale)

Audience:              Suitable for all audiences



How to dress, act and interact whether you’re a Fortune 500 Company executive or a Junior Manager or an Ad Agency. this program is all about looking your part, how and why must you follow what we say!

Companies spend millions on improving brand and packaging of their products and services constantly worrying about their Company Image to the buyers. What they forget is the first face of their so-called company image is the image of their employees. This has bought us to the first 10 seconds where we all are scrutinized inevitably by our associates and business partners and hence the need for Suiting (Dressing) up!


The Audience shall understand

  • 1. Power of Presence
  • 2. Essentially enhanced overall Image
  • 3. Looking the Part – Managing their Visual Image
  • 4. Need for implementing a Dress Code
  • 5. What is the newly defined Business Casual
  • 6. Briefing on Style Scale©



Duration:              2 Hours

Audience:            Suitable for all audiences



“Clothes and manners do not make the man; but, when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance – Henry Ward Beecher.

Researches show that our appearance speaks louder than words. The following are some of the advantages to looking good.

  • a. A sharp appearance enhance your personal brand
  • b. It pays big dividends
  • c. Get your foot in the door (an Impetus)
  • d. You are most likely taken seriously or looked unto.

Hence, the need to strategize the way you and your employees turn out consistently every day is imperative, be it a business meeting with associates or your CEO, always be sure you are dressed well with these tools. Gaining knowledge with power dressing tips or even seeking help from a professional wardrobe stylist can turn wonders for you professionally and personally.


Audience will understand

  • 1. Importance of Strategic Dressing
  • 2. Power Dressing – Introduction of Style Scale©
  • 3. Wardrobe Strategies- To build a sound wardrobe
  • 4. Details that complete a wardrobe
  • 5. Fashion Ideas for Business Casual
  • 6. Language of Colors



Duration:                2 Hours

Audience:              Suitable for all audiences



Today, with time in short supply and growing arrogance towards conventions and traditions, it appears that no one has the time or takes efforts to look special, appropriate or even authentic for any occasion. Thus come the fading lines between a student from a teacher, a doctor from the patients, or a salesperson from a customer. The only values that remain are that of “comfort, easy care and low cost.

Because dress in the workplace has descended to the point of confusing and controversial, the development of a Dress code Policy has moved up the priority list, as it is closely connected to the marketing efforts and establishment or maintenance of company’s brand image.


Audience will understand

  • 1. What is there a need for a Policy
  • 2. Business formals v/s Business casuals
  • 3. Define and differentiating the two concepts
  • 4. Dressing as Style Scale© mentioned earlier
  • 5. How to build a cluster for the workplace (how to get maximum wears from a suggested item of clothing)
  • 6. Women’s wear and Men’s wear in the workplace
  • 7. Accurate and Inaccurate of Dressing and Grooming at the workplace.



Duration:                2-3 Hours

Audience:              Suitable for all audiences

Course Level:        Suitable for all levels



What started as Casual Friday has eroded into casual everyday, everywhere. And because people are known to push casual dress policy to extreme limits of acceptability, everyday dress had descended to “business sloppy” in jeans, sweats, worn out T-shirts, tank tops and what’s worse flip flops. Anyone still dressed nicer experiences pressure to dress down to fit in and be accepted.

Hence, the need to dwell upon when & what to wear, for different occasion.


Audience will understand,

What to wear to importance occasions for e.g.

  • 1. Indian Women Executives in the workplace
  • 2. Dress for International Business
  • 3. Packing for Business Travel
  • 4. Job Interviews/ First Day at work
  • 5. Office parties and Social events.

Clinic may be booked individually or as package plan. Ask about your options.