We render wedding shopping services, personal stylist services in Delhi, Chandigarh, India, which include but not limited to services of bridal shopping, trousseau shopping, personal wedding shopper & personal stylist.

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Personal Stylist Services in Delhi, Chandigarh, India

Wedding Shopping Services in Delhi, Chandigarh, India

We strive to make every bride & groom, along with their families have a stress free, seamless & all they envisioned and much more kind a wedding. Wherein we take complete responsibility as you 'Personal Stylist' in creating a wedding wardrobe that you'd like to flaunt even for the coming years!

Virtual Shopping Service

For those of you, who may find it difficult to fly down to India, but have a fair idea of what they might like to wear. We along with our trusted in house designer measure you on video chat, understand your frame, color palette and budget along side which make our suggestions for ready made or tailored outfits. We are on video chats all through the way and ensure your outfit is packed shipped and ready to wear way before your big day!

Personal Shopping (India)

For those who are visiting India, we ensure that you make most of your time through careful planning before you land. We understand your preference, plan a budget and work around with prior appointments with our ‘Elite Designer Club’ meticulously picked for each personal style and budget. We do offer, transport, and accommodation recommendations alongside post management and shipping.

Indian Brides

For our Indian brides, we follow a similar procedure, but add a sense of Image Enhancement to the mix, we not only understand and customize each piece in your trousseau but also plan a whole look with your choice of makeup artist, to avoid surprises on the final day You are accompanied by one of our team member every step of the way making sure you look your sartorial best!

Our main aim is to guarantee every bride and groom have a one stop shop expert by their sides to guide them through most of their
wedding woes. Hence we have a wide ranges of professionals and aides such as :

Other Services

  1. 1. Wedding Planners (internationally acclaimed),
  2. 2. Makeup Artists (across the globe),
  3. 3. Photographers,
  4. 4. Videographers,
  5. 5. Trousseau Packers,
  6. 6. Wedding Favor Experts, and many more such magicians!

Other services


Creating a ‘Brand’ New you. A complete Image and style consultation to change the way you look feel and conduct yourself!



To some people the word Image mean “superficial gloss” and the way the person looks is thought to be of little to no importance.

Hire a Personal Stylist in Delhi, Chandigarh, India


It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently” ~ Warren Buffet,



First impressions in hospitality and retail are crucial for the way you look, speak and conduct yourself, reflects in your final sales.