10 Modern New-Age Indian Jewellery Labels you can’t miss out

Modern New Age jewellery

Some unique modern jewellery designers which are absolute head turners.

Jewellery in India is mostly related to traditional/ wedding jewellery. It’s a thought process which includes only heavy and maximal investment pieces. In recent times, some very talented Indian jewellery designers have given a twist to their traditional roots with modern handicrafts. They are fashion forward and have ditched the basic views.

Your personal style could be suited corporate chief or a saree-loving diva. These modern jewellery labels will help you make a statement effortlessly.

Here is a list of unique new-age jewellery brands for you:

1. Valliyan:

Valliyan, is one of Indias First Demi-fine Designer jewellery. A world renowned modern jewellery brand, worn by Indian and International celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry etc. All their creations are hand crafted and are maximal in every way.

Modern New-Age Jewellery
Picture Credits: www.valliyan.com

2. Isharya:

The ultimate high quality, Indian inspired costume jewellery. Funky, fun and a touch of heritage jewels. From bright stones to plated gold, this ultimate designer jewellery is full of modern aesthetics. They match up to the growing and ever changing trends. The everyday jewellery is given a glamorous upgrade by this label.

Modern and Contemporary Jewellery
Picture Credit: www.isharya.com

3. Amama:

A mix of colours and natural elements. A great example of maximal looks. More is always more and that’s their go to style. Their recent collection has colourful glass stones which gives the jewellery a fresh look. Their vintage and tribal touch is a great depiction of different cultures. Every piece speaks a story.

Picture Credits: www.amama.com

4. Ritika Sachdev:

A unique boho and chic conceptual jewellery brand. These are gorgeous statement pieces with contemporary art form and mirror work. They have a wide range of stylish mirrored and hand crafted pieces. Their contemporary pieces with traditional shapes work well with both Indian and western looks.

Contemporary New Age Jewellery
Picture Credits: www.shopritikasachdeva.com

5. Lune:

From minimal rings to maximal bangles, this label is as different as it gets. The art of their pieces are all inspired by extraordinary things. They are delicate, meaningful and wearable. A strong presence of moon and star motifs is seen in their eye catching one of a kind collection.

Modern New-Age Jewellery
Picture Credits: www.shoplune.com

6. Zariin:

A label that creates everyday jewellery. These are timeless and classic pieces that will stick with you for every season. Their collection mostly contains simple, elegant and minimal pieces. They have been styled by many influencers, celebrities and who’s-who of the fashion industry.

Modern Jewellery
Picture Credits: zariin.com

7. Radhika Agrawal Jewels:

A new-age conceptual and contemporary jewellery designer. Charming, chic, sassy and creative are some words to define their pieces. They are a top favourite with the big names of the fashion world.

New-Age Jewellery
Picture Credits: radhikaagrawalstudio

8. Varnika Arora:

A one of a kind label for precious gems. Each piece is based on the ideology that one should ‘dress to tell a story’. They are hot favourites with working women; flowy, easy to wear and structured.

Contemporary Jewellery
Picture Credits: varnikaarora.com

9. Dhora:

Dhora is a bold, contemporary label, inspired by a city in Rajasthan, India. Their ‘minimal-cum-Indie’ jewellery depicts Indian karigari in contemporary frames. They have a store of organic and hand crafted products in Jaipur.

Modern-Inde Jewellery
Picture Credits: dhoraindia.in

10. Pallavi Foley

She’s every girls fantasy jeweller . Its dreamy, feminine, bold and a sure-shot head turner. Every Pallavi Foley piece is a beautiful work of art. This label has been defined as a game changer for maximal jewellery in India.

Conceptual Modern Jewellery
Picture Credits: www.pallavifoley.com

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