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Quick, Super-Effective DIY Face Mists for Monsoon

Sitting by the window, reading a book and enjoying the drizzle outside, sounds perfect for monsoon right? But is that what we really want to do in this breezy weather? Ok it does get pretty humid and sticky as well but its monsoon guys, let’s enjoy this short lived season without worrying about our skin. As I am here with these super easy, super quick and super effective DIY face mists that’ll save your skin (literally) in this sticky yet beautiful weather.


Lemon is a great source of vitamin C and green tea is super refreshing and does wonders for the skin.

Boil a tea bag of green tea→ Let it cool→ Squeeze in 2 lemons→ Put it in a spray bottle and chill it in the fridge.


Vanilla is very soothing and de-stressing ingredient while chamomile is great to reduce acne.

Place a chamomile tea bag in water for a few hours→ Strain it in a sprayer bottle→ Add a few drops of Vanilla essential oil.


We’ve all used packaged rose water which is fairly decent but when made at home it is definitely better.

Boil rose petals and strain the water→ let it cool → Add a few drops of glycerin.

Face mists are a must to maintain your skin in such humid weather and to prevent skin problems. DIY mists are an easy, pocket friendly skincare hack which everyone should try.


Sign’in off,

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-Priyal Malik

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