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Statement pieces are every girl’s best friend!

They always come in handy when we are simply confused about what clothing piece to pick or don’t have enough room to carry many clothes.

Here’s a quick guide of handy pieces making life easier-


We talk a lot about what clothes are trendy, but don’t talk too often about the accessories, or as in the case: what bags are trendy. Bags actually have quite the spotlight in fashion right now. With lots of different distinct bags trending: One of them is the Tote bag!

What makes them a statement piece is that they’re a big part of one’s outfit, due to the visibility of the size.

This statement piece is common in black, green, brown, but also popular in patterns such as leopard, glen check or classic stripes. The tote bags might not be the best ones for your shoulders as oversized tote bags are easy to overpack, but they’re also functional from that perspective. You can carry a the world with you inside those bags.

How to style a Tote bag

Style your tote bag
Source: fashionspot.com, fashionjackson.com, Fashion Jackson

Investing in a timeless tote bag is a must! If you own a black, brown or white tote bag, there’s a high likability that it will match with the rest of your outfit – especially your boots! If you go for a tote bag in a fun colour or pattern, make sure to make the most out of it by matching it with your outfit. For instance, if you work a tote bag in stripes, how about a striped top or a classic houndstooth jacket? It’s all about embracing the print mix!


 They were popular in the late 1980s during the hard rock/heavy metal era and in the 1990s and 2000s during the grunge era. Worn and ripped jeans remain popular as they are still sold in stores and popular specially with youngsters currently. Ripped jean are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing and have endless fun ways of pairing up. Whether it’s a casual lunch or an office meeting.

Fun fact: Long before people were wearing torn jeans to express personal style, lower class workers in 1970s wore torn clothing out of necessity.

How to style ripped jeans

Your go-to casual outfit formula: a pair of ripped jeans, classic tee and fresh white kicks. Add some sunnies and your favourite handbag and you’re good to go. For a casual winter outfit try combining a pair of ripped jeans with an oversized sweatshirt. Simple yet effective.  For a very on-trend outfit try styling your ripped jeans with a pair of fishnet stockings. It’s the perfect evening outfit that’s sure to turn heads. You could also elevate a simple t-shirt and jeans outfit by adding a blazer.

Style ripped jeans
Source: https://www.finder.com.au/ripped-jeans-outfits


Whether it is a single giant ring or loop of various continuous rings, all of them come in this category. These stylish earrings are a part of every woman’s life. The reason being is that you don’t have to think twice while slipping into this beautiful pair and can wear it with any kind of attire. I am sure this Statement piece is there in your box.

How to style Hoops

Source: All About Romance, Pinterest

Hoop earrings are back on trend. The best part is you don’t have to worry about styling them. They can be big or small, gold or silver, all mostly go with all attires. You can pair them with multiple hairstyles as well. Hoops go with both formal as well as casual outfits. They can look chic for a cocktail look while look sporty with a denim jacket and also feminine with an off shoulder top look.


This Statement piece achieved iconic status and general acceptance through Hollywood. They are a cool and a must have addition to any wardrobe. These jackets are available in different vibrant colours. The leather jackets are still in style and suitable for every age!

How to style a leather jacket

When it comes to styling our Wardrobe Statement and staple leather jacket we tend to wear it at any and every occasion! Days when we don’t feel like dressing up and still have to run errands, just pair them up with joggers and shoes. Days when we feel like dressing up, we pair it with a skirt and boots. There are also experimental ways to style leather jacket like pairing it with a satin skirt which makes you stand out!

how to style leather jacket
Source- polyvore.com, amazon.com vinnysdigitalemporium.com


Pump shoes are not just classy and chic. They have a certain power to uplift and revamp any basic outfit. Pump heels provide a sense of confidence like no other. They can enhance a dull outfit instantly. When you have a basic pair of jeans and black/white tee, wear your pumps and see the magic!

How to style Pumps

Be it a casual chic attire or a formal meeting look. A pair of nude or black pumps are the oomph factor to any kind of occasion. You could wear them with your formal office wear trousers or your semi formal blazer look. These essential shoes are a win-win with both denims casual look and evening dinner outfits.

Source- more.com, yandex.ru, miamiamine.com

Our recent top favourite is the celebrity spotted chic athleisure with pumps.

Source: stylecaster.com, buzzfeed.com, miamiamine.com

Follow these tips to experiment with your wardrobe and look your best effortlessly. These statement pieces are definitely going to up your style quotient.

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