6 Beauty Hacks That Show Results Within Seconds

Hacks to look presentable in seconds

We may eat healthily, exercise just enough, sleep on time on most days, and maintain a balanced lifestyle. But, the contemporary life brings with it, the tendency to disrupt these habits once in a while, and stress. You may not always feel your best or have enough time to take your presentability a notch higher. But, the beauty industry is endless and has a solution for every single thing. Here are some simple beauty hacks that will help you look presentable within no time –

Illuminate the Inner Corners of Your Eyes

Highlighter on the inner corners of the eyes
Image Credit: The Fashion Spot

Beauty experts vouch for this instant hack to ‘wake up’ your eyes. All it takes is a soft swipe of a preferably matte highlighter/luminizer on the inner corners of your eyes. This simple trick helps add that instant glow and accent to your face, and can be a go-to when you have time constraints and need a quick and effective makeup uplifter.

De-puff your face

Ice rubs on face
Image Credit: Beautysyn

Due to excessive screen time and haywire sleep patterns, your face may end up looking puffy or bloated. The quickest way to de-puff your face is to wash it with ice-cold water or run an ice cube around your face (especially around the eyes) for a couple of minutes.

A Lipstick for Some Face Glow

Pink lips
Image Credit: Bollyglow

Some beauty hacks can be everyone’s instant pathway to a glowing face. Consider your soft pink lipstick as your weapon of choice here. Use it to quickly add that blush on your cheeks, to enhance your eyes, and for those soft and plump lips. Swipe it on your cheeks, your eyelids, and of course, your lips for a quick full-face makeup look, and off you go!

Add volume to your hair

Beauty Hacks
Image Credit: The Skincare Edit

If your hair is scrunched up in a top bun all day (just like ours), you may have trouble making it look presentable just before a call. You don’t need to adapt a full-fledged hairstyling routine when you can simply change the parting to make it happen. Just choose a different hair parting and that will instantly add volume to your hair.

Brush up your brows

Beauty hacks for brows
Image Credit: Beautysyn

The best way to give your face more definition is to groom your brows! Use a bit of hair gel/brow gel to tame your brows. Similarly, if you are filling in your brows, use a colour that is one shade lighter than your natural hair shade to fill in.

Moisturize well

Beauty hacks- Moisturizing face
Image Credit: CNN

We can’t stress this enough, quarantine or not, your skin is going to look supple and glowing if it is nourished from within. Make sure you are drinking enough water and moisturizing your skin regularly.

There you have it! Simple tricks to wake up and look flawless as you are, in no time. But, in case you’re stuck or need a tip or two, you can always hire a personal stylist in Delhi and beyond.

Keep’in it styl’ish!


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