5 Affordable International Honeymoon Destinations

Affordable International Honeymoon Destination

A huge part about getting married is getting to go for the awaited honeymoon. Let’s agree guys for a lot of us the honeymoon is the first ‘no family’ trip we take. So we ought to plan it thoroughly. But just because it’s your honeymoon doesn’t mean you have to splurge like crazy. So we have for you 5 amazing honeymoon destinations which are not only gorgeous but also light on your pocket.


It’s a beautiful group of 115 islands home to coral reefs, stunning beaches and giant tortoises. It’s perfect for a getaway with your better half to spend some private time together. If you have a knack for adventure sports then this destination will hit the perfect spot. You’ll have variety of adventure sports to do like under water diving, snorkeling, sky diving and swimming with the whale. Enjoy the beautiful sunsets and relax on the beach.

  1. EGYPT

We’ve all grown up watching mummy movies and pyramids but what we don’t know about Egypt is how amazing it actually is. You mustn’t have known it but Egypt can be a perfect honeymoon destination for those who love to explore off beat destinations. Not only can you visit the stunning pyramids but their architecture, local markets and beautiful deserts will surely take your breath away.


Yet another marginally touched gorgeous destination. This can rightfully be called a one stop spot. The country is home to amazing architecture, beaches and reefs and mystifying dead sea. A combination of picturesque backdrops for your perfect honeymoon album to amazing activities to make your trip even more fun!


This destination is slowly gaining popularity and it’s about time it should. Czech Republic is the place for those looking for some place completely offbeat and inexpensive for their honeymoon.Visit some of the most spectacular castles and cathedrals or just enjoy a romantic moment with your spouse, it offers you both.


People usually don’t go to just London for their honeymoon but I would suggest you do. Explore the Victorian element of the city or party in the modern part, the choice is yours. London is comparatively expensive than the other options. So the best way to save money is to rent a service apartment instead of staying at a hotel if you plan to stay for a longer duration. Believe me it’ll save you more money than you could even think of. Use their local mode of transports instead of taking cabs and this way you can save more and more.

5 beautiful, stunning, adventurous, romantic and cheap destinations for all of you planning your honeymoon or just in need of a break. For further queries reach us at STYL-INC.


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