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Eaasy workout to lose weight

We’re no stranger to gaining a little bit of weight during the holiday season. Particularly so, during all these months of the lockdown, when the couch has become our work desk and lounge chair, both. Now, as India gears up for the festivities, we’re bringing you some inspiration to get you moving, some easy workouts to lose weight. We have some easy workout that you can follow right from your home, so you can stay in shape and lose those few extra kilos in no time.


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No surprise there! If you’d like to cut down on tummy fat, exercising your abs is the best way to go about it. Start with 3 sets of 10 counts and work your way up. You can even experiment a little bit by trying side crunches or obliques. Although a little tricky, these never fail to show evident results.


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Want to tone down your thighs? Squats are your best option. They not only help you to lose fat around your thighs and buttocks, but also give your legs a more muscular appearance. If you’re a beginner, you can go with half squats or wall squats.

Push-ups and Pull-ups

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These sets of exercises are perfect to tone down your arms and strengthen your back muscles. If you’re a beginner, start with incline push-ups and keep reducing the height until you’re flat on the ground. The same goes for pull-ups, if you’re not able to complete a pull-up at one go initially, do repeat sets of the height that you can achieve and then go higher.

Lunges and knee exercises

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Your calves and knee muscles form the crux of your leg muscles and as important it is to tone them down, it is equally crucial to strengthen them. For this, you need to practice lunges and knee extension exercises. To add a difficult level, you can tie weights to your ankles as well.

Lower ab workout

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While ab crunches are great for upper abdominal muscles, lower abs workouts play an important role in keeping up that flat tummy. Leg raises and side leg raises are a great way to start off lower ab workouts and you can slowly increase the difficulty level.

While you are looking at easy workouts to lose weight, remember to control your portion intake and eat healthy food so that it nourishes your body and helps you lose the extra fat as well. Moreover, if you need a hand in figuring out fashion for your fit self, don’t forget, there is always a personal stylist for you in Delhi and beyond.

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