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Follow makeup artists on Instagram? Check. Buy tons of beauty products? Check. Watch endless tutorials? Checks. Majority of the girls do all these things to learn how to perfect applying makeup, but do these really help? Following our favorite MUA definitely inspires up to try new things but that doesn’t teach us the tricks for a flawless application and not all of us want to shell out huge amount of money to learn from a professional MUA. So I’m back with a crack to this situation. Here are 5 makeup tricks I swear by that’ll give a flawless look and make you a home grown MUA.


Nailing that perfect cat eye is always a task but not anymore. Have your liner on fleek with these two tricks up your sleeve.

  1. Put tiny dots across your eyelid till the point you want to stretch your cat eye to. Then start joining the dots one by one, making small strokes. This technique helps you develop a steady hand while applying liner and leave very little room for you to go wrong.
  2. Another guaranteed method is to use tape. Put a piece of tape diagonally at the end of your eye and apply the liner along the diagonal crease. Let it dry and just peel the tap off and enjoy your sharp flick.


One major area where most of us go wrong while applying a concealer is our eyes. Avoid applying concealer on your eyelids as it’ll make your eye makeup look flaky and creased. And while applying a concealer under your eyes always draw a triangle under your eyes with it and then make outward strokes to blend it.


I have a tendency to bite off my lipstick and hate carrying it around with me to for touch ups so what can I do to make it last longer and not chip off? Once you’ve applied lipstick cover your lips with a tissue and dab some translucent powder and voila!


I’ll straight away tell you the key point to nail a natural or no makeup look. Try matching the color of your blush and lip shade. This will make your makeup look harmonious and give a very natural feel to it.


How to get those perfect pouty lips at home? Try over drawing your lips using a lip liner for that perfect shape. But if you’re not confident doing then you can try applying glossy liquid lipsticks using a brush. The tiny brush helps you do a perfect application while the glossy liquid lipsticks create an illusion of fuller lips.

Use these tricks and practice till you get there!


Sign’in off,

Keep’in it Styl-ish,

-Priyal Malik

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