5 Ways to wear ATHLEISURE during Work from Home.

Who says you can’t be dressed professional during Work from Home.

In this time of Covid-19, and the age of work from home, it has become imperative that we dress well for the job regardless of it being from home. For the same, athleisure puts practicality and functionality into the world of fashion.

At Styl Inc, as Image Consultants we talk about the psychological effects that our dressing & grooming has on both our productivity and success in performing tasks. Because the :

  • Way you Dress, effects the
  • Way you Feel, the
  • Way you Think, the
  • Way you React, and how
  • Other’s React.

Even while at home, it’s important to feel good, to look important, and ofcourse to feel productive. It is a routine that you have been following day to day. Difference here being that you have to dress up and get to your work station designated in the house.

We understand that working from home should have its perks and couldn’t agree more on to jumping the bandwagon to a trend that originated in 2018 and still continuing i.e. Athleisure. Even though we don’t endorse this in an everyday, we do think it can be used creatively as a ‘Work from Home’ fashion trend.

Most fashion trends come and go. Athleisure is, however, proving to be an exception to this, as it is now becoming a way of life with this Covid 19 Pandemic!

It started with the celebrities endorsing it as comfortable clothing, or incorporating gym wear into regular day to day wear. It was not only a trend on the streets or social events but also hitting the corporate culture.

For some of you a comfort-first attire for work could be considered callous. But considering we all seem to be in Work from Home mode we thought of putting together ideas that we can follow, that’ll make you appear professional but are easy and comfortable to wear.

1. Shirts with sweatpants

Shirt and yoga pants are your ideal ‘work-from-home’ look. Whereas, for men, a polo-shirt with sweatpants can go a long way too. Do whatever mix of garments that makes you feel more productive and work with more focus.

Shirt Athleisure
Picture Credits: pinterest.com ,www.xsensible.com

Athleisure is all about maintaining that elegant balance. You should not look like you just got out of bed. However, you should feel comfortable and relaxed while experimenting with athleisure.

2. The classic Joggers look:

We know the classic jogger set look is your all time go to home look. As convid stirkes, work wear means sliding into your most comfortable tracksuit. So much can be accomplished in a cosy (slightly ill fitted) pair of joggers.

3. Throw on a Blazer.

During your work from home, you would love to slouch in your joggers with your laptop. But there could be work calls/ video meetings as well. In that case, throw a blazer or a denim jacket on top of the tracksuit. Here you have for yourself the quintessential work from home look.

Picture Credits: www.whowhatwear.com

Well, some of you might not bother at all and work all day in your boxer shorts or night wear. While you may take full advantage of your work-from-home time, you can also add some fun to it. A blazer over shorts and tee or a trouser with pyjama top are go-to hacks for the instant work look. Yes, its actually a trend! If you don’t believe us, look up nightsuit fashion!!

4. Ethnic Pair-ups

For the athletic yet Indian girl in you, nothing beats the snug cotton or linen kurta paired with work-out tights. This remains the easiest way to get in and get out of smart casuals. The fit could be figure-hugging or roomy, the kurta-jeggings look is a top work-from-home favourite.

ethnic athleisure

5. Bomber jacket/hoodies with office trousers:

A light cozy bomber jacket is just the right layer to give that work-from-home touch. You could layer it over a formal shirt or just wear it over formal office pants. This quasi-office look goes a long way for your day at work from home.

Picture Credits: www.reviewdots.com

However, make sure your athleisure wear is not too tight or too loose. The whole point of athleisure is that you might just work out at some point in the day. So keep it relaxed, enjoyable and stylish at the same time.

Say bye-bye to your conventional suits and ties and embrace the athleisure trend till it lasts!

Keeping it Styl-ish!

Signing off,

Sagarika Kapoor

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