6 Ideas for planning an Intimate Weddings: Need of the hour

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The time has come to live more consciously, more responsibly. Just like everything around us, the wedding scenario will change as well. Post this lockdown, intimate gatherings a.k.a Small Skinny Indian Weddings are going to be the new big thing.

A recommendation from the Experts at Styl-Inc Wedding Stylists – take this as a sign and shift to a small and sweet wedding. Lesser people means lesser formalities and hence, lesser stress. Intimate instantly sounds more fun right?

Some of you have dreamt of that big fat Indian wedding. But are you really going to risk being in between a thousand people? Intimate gatherings are not only the need of the hour but also a lot more fun. Lets face it, the bride and the groom are too zapped and overwhelmed to meet each and every person present that day. Hence, intimate weddings to the rescue.

Our cultures are varied and beautiful. You could opt for a small religious ceremony at the temple, mosque, gurudwara or church etc followed by an intimate reception at your home (as safe as it can be).  

With intimate weddings you end up spending minimum and in turn maximise the fun and cherish memories with your closest circle.

Heres a few tips you can keep in mind while planning your intimate wedding:

Styl Couple Priyanka Vikram
Styl Couple Priyanka Vikram’s intimate wedding.

1. Defining Intimate a.k.a Guest List:

Let’s define what intimate gathering really means here. While chalking down your guest list, you don’t want to go overboard nor miss out the important ones. Keep in mind the people who have been important to you and your partner in your journey as a couple. The ones you have a special connection with would be the happiest to be a part of your special day.

PIcture Credits: Styl Couples

2. Attention to Detail:

Now that you have an intimate guest list ready, time for you to jot down vendors accordingly. Attention to detail is what is going to be the priority here. It should all be personalised as per the couple’s preferences. From the décor to the bar to the F&B to the clothes. Make every little detail as per yours and your close guests likings and wishes.

#PrateekGetsBugged in Baku, Azerbaijan.
Picture Credits: Styl Inc Wedding Stylists.

Eg, even with intimate gathering you could have a classy and somewhat grand mandap set up. The decor vendors work according to the couples aesthetics and preferences. Suggestions like leaving personal notes for each guest at their allotted seats are also good additions to small weddings.

Styl Bride Styl Groom
Styl Couples – #Anshana #PrateekgetsBugged & #PriyankaVikram

Moreover, having DIY food cart or Invent your own cocktails’ bar add more of a personal touch. Some bespoke caterers provide for such kind of personalised menus and set ups for smaller gatherings and homely affair. Building customised menus as per the couples personality and likings is a curated service provided by some catering companies.

Picture Credits: The Purple Plate Catering Co.

3. Suitable Bride and Groom Styling:

Finally, you can focus more on what is more comfortable for you than what will shine out more. Again, lesser people means lesser drama with the clothes.(not that you can’t go all out if you wish to, its your day!) Your designated Wedding Stylist will help you choosing your perfect small wedding outfit. By weddings, we not only specialise in the grand ones but also understand the needs of a small affair. You could also make it more special by wearing the colours as your bridal wear which you wore on the first day you two met. Or have the date you fell in love embossed. It’s all about the details.

Styl Couples.
Picture Credits: Styl Weddings

4. Family and friends Styling:

Not just the bride and groom, how the immediate family members and friends look is also very important. At Styl-inc, we style the entire picture perfect family portrait. Since you have more time at hand on clothing, we could choose a certain colour palette for the entire family and close friends. Colour coordinated clothes or shades of the same colour are the essence an intimate gathering. For eg., the brides side can be dressed in shades of purple where is the grooms side in shades of blue. Imagine the beautiful vision that will be created.

Styl Family.
Picture Credits: Styl Families

5. Add lots of entertainment:

Since you have a lot of time off from the formalities and a million meet and greets, more time for entertainment and fun. Plan some games and surprises involving all the guests. Invite your favourite band to play the tunes you love while you do your first dance as Mr. and Mrs. You could also keep your guests intrigued before the functions with countdowns towards the functions. For eg, sending them various clues to gather till the day of the function and see who gathered the most on the big day. These are the memories your guests will cherish for times to come.

#Prateekgetsbugged. StylBride Eesha on her Mehendi event.
StylBride Eesha on her Mehendi event.

6. Personalize everything:

Wedding Stationery - Designed by Styl Inc.
Wedding Stationery designed by Styl Inc.

Since the gathering is intimate, the couple can personally plan welcome gifts or wedding favours for all the guests. This is where your wedding stylist will come into play. We understand it is tough for the bride and groom to wander markets and malls for gifts. This is why we provide Virtual Shopping where we will do all the floor work for you and make you choose whatever you like over video call. Apart from that, our Wedding Concierge Services provides a one stop for all your wedding whims.

Keep your worries aside and put that smile back on!

We will be more than happy to design your vision and keeping your Wedding planning process anxiety proof.

Styl Bride Aditi's Haldi Event
Styl Bride Aditi’s Haldi Event.

Till then, Keep’in it Styl’ish.

Signing off,

Sagarika Kapoor

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