6 Work-From-Home Hacks; Breaking down WFH

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How do you Work-From-Home like you are working from work?

When we go to work everyday, we feel work-from-home would be a bliss. On the other hand, Work-from-home is really tougher than work from work. Hence, in this scenario we have to make sure we are not lagging behind in our daily tasks and productivity! Given below are some ways we recommend to you to remain productive-:

1. Stay in the routine:

We know you have the urge to stay in bed since you are home. Because you don’t have to get ready and report to your workplace. But it is best for your productivity to not have that mindset. Go to bed at usual weekday time, set up your regular alarm, wake up, force yourself to bathe and get ready to (hypothetically) go to work.

2. Dress up for work:

Yes, you never wear formals/semi-formals at home. But getting dressed for work is the necessary boost you need for to ace your work-from-home. Iron and put on your work wear. Put on some light make up (hair gel for men) and eat a healthy breakfast. Follow the routine you would to leave your home in time for work. You will certainly feel good and refreshed to begin your day of work-from-home.

3. Make a working environment:

‘WHERE’ you work from when you work-from-home is very important.

Your workspace sets the mood for your entire work day. An untidy and undone workspace can be a source for distraction and confusion. On the contrary, an organised, tidy work space with everything in its place would definitely lead to a clearer mind. Therefore, higher work output.

4. Set deadlines and targets for the day:

Checking off the To-do list gives a great sense of accomplishment.

Not only does your productivity stay intact, you don’t laze around when you have the option to. Making a list of what all you would wish to finish off in the day will keep you on your toes.


We, at Styl Inc , maintain our routine just as we do at work. We video call daily at 11 am to discuss our tasks for the day. Consequently, we meet back on call at 5 pm to check who could achieve what in the day.

5. Take breaks like you would at work:

After all, you might not get a chance to lunch with your family on any regular day.  Enjoy the little perks of being home. Take short breaks to spend time with your family and pets. Take out a little time to meditate in between work hours, if you’d like. Sometimes you could take your laptops out in the balcony and finish your tasks while soaking some sun. This would refresh and rejuvenate you.

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Let’s make the most of the work-from-home time!

6. Stay Positive:

Last but not the least, stay away from all kinds of negativity.  Eat Healthy, Stay active, Stay Hydrated. Keep yourself away from all kinds of distractions. And keep yourself closer to lots of water intake, fruits, immunity boosters, chocolates and everything that makes you focus more on your work.

You can do this!

Signing off,

Keep’in it Styl-ish,

Sagarika Kapoor.

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