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Best Royal Wedding Accessories


Accessories bring out the best of the wedding attire and enhance the look for the bride as well as the groom. The royals always stick to their ancestral jewelry, which has been there in their family for ages. For a couple who’s wanting a royal wedding, the jewelry selection can make a huge impact on how the entire wedding comes out. The usual picks for a regal look are kundan, gold and rarely diamond jewelry.

Wear whatever makes you feel good! And to help with that, we have for you some awesome collection of jewelry that would make everyone fall in love with your look.


First Up, Awe-Inspiring Necklaces

You must have heard of the saying, ‘The bigger, The better’. Yes, these beauties made from Kundan embedded in gold are a must have if you are someone has an inherent love for  Royal jewelry!

These types of necklaces are paired best with a sweet-heart/round neckline of the blouse. This makes you look like a regal beauty.


 Second, Beautiful Nath

If you have to wear a nath/nose-ring in your tradition, choose from these amazing variety of intricately designed work of art! It gives your face a different yet regal look everyone envies.

In Hindu tradition, a bride is incomplete without a nath, so grab one of these and carry forward the tradition!


Third,  Matha Patti

Some of us go for minimalistic, but if you are not wearing a heavy necklace, you can go for heavily studded matha patti with chaand baali or a borla to get an authentic Rajasthani look!

Also, Pearl String Matha patti would work for those who are going for an elegant look.



Fourth, Passa

Most people have a misconception that Passas are just for Islamic people. Well people, you couldn’t be any more wrong! It’s a beautiful piece of jewelry that gives women a queenly allure.

You should pair them up with a smaller size maang tika or you can just wear them alone with earrings & a neckpiece.



Well, these are some of the latest trends for bridal jewellery that would quench your thirst to be the best royal wedding accessories. Will be back with a new blog soon for something exciting!

Stay Tuned

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