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Trendy ways to drape your dupatta | STYL Blog

Bridal dupatta draping tips

Bridal dupatta is one of the most important parts of a bride’s attire. Your overall look depends on the way you drape your dupatta and carry it. Many brides prefer to pair their lehenga with a single dupatta, whereas there are many who go for double dupattas to create that modish and contemporary look. Whether you opt for a single dupatta or a double-one, there are so many ways in which you can drape your Continue Reading

How to manage your guest list for Intimate Wedding | STYL Blog

Intimate wedding guest list

Figuring out a guest list that pleases everyone at your wedding can be a bit challenging. Amidst pandemic, many couples ditched their idea of a dream wedding and downsized their guest list because of the government’s norms. The idea of intimate weddings has always been a choice embraced by many couples. However, it became necessary to cut down on the guests’ number because of the pandemic and the restrictions.  As per the latest guidelines, you Continue Reading

Style Tips for Short Men | STYL Blog

Style tips for short men

Every individual has a unique style personality. It’s all about finding yours and dressing accordingly to achieve that perfect look. Short men really have a tough time finding clothes that suit them and fit their body type. We are well aware that you have no control over your height. However, how you style yourself is in your hands. By dressing for your height, you can even create an illusion to make yourself appear taller. Let’s Continue Reading

Etiquettes to host or attend a webinar | STYL Blog

Webinar etiquettes and tips

The global pandemic has brought a major shift in the workplace and the working environment. With the sudden shift to work-from-home and remotely working, the demand for video conferencing apps has grown. All the meetings are now in the form of video calls. It is not just the business meetings that are happening via a video call. Schools, universities, shopping, launches, and events, everything is happening virtually.  Whether you’re a host or a presenter or Continue Reading

Dining Etiquette rules everyone should know | STYL Blog

Basic dining etiquette rules

Dining etiquettes play a very important role in our daily lives. Dining etiquette can help you make a favorable impression, especially when you are in a social business situation. It is one of the most valuable and important skills every individual must possess. Be it a date or a professional meeting; bad table manners can be very embarrassing. Sharing meals and bonding over dinner can help you maintain relationships. However, not following the right table Continue Reading