Author: Shubh Thakur

10 unbelievably beautiful and safest places for solo women travellers | Styl Blog

Solo women travellers let’s make your travel stories even more exciting! We believe that a woman’s place is wherever she decides to be. For years, the set pattern of rules and stereotypes was leading women to walk on a specific path. Not anymore, from entertainment to defence to travel, women are going places. This is why we thought of taking women travellers to destinations that are safe, beautiful, and worth the visit for their next Continue Reading

6 Home Interior tricks to overcome anxiety | Styl Blog

Welcome positivity with a big warm hug by applying these interior tricks! After a long hectic work at the office, home is the place where everyone unwinds. However, if you’re someone who struggles with anxiety, this can be a bit tricky for you. Don’t worry people, we can totally feel your pain. After all, you deserve a serene place to live relax and breathe in peacefully, isn’t it? This is why we gathered a few Continue Reading

Skincare products that men with oily skin will love | Styl Blog

Bid adieu to greasy, dull, and oily skin! Are you struggling with oily skin since forever? We imagine how frustrating that can be. The face tends to look dull and untidy when your oil levels increase. However, at the same time, finding the right products can be a tricky business. This is why you can always look back at us; we have your back! The weather right now is a blend of scorching heat, humidity, Continue Reading

Best 8 ways to look after your mental health | Styl Blog

mental health

Because good mental health leads to a better life The fight against depression and anxiety is always a tough one. It’s a battle with your own thoughts and emotions. Most of the time, people can’t even make sure if they are struggling with any kind of mental illness or emotional stability. According to the WHO report of 2018, India was the 6th largest depressed country. Even in 2020, due to the pandemic people faced issues Continue Reading

SS20 wearable trends that fashion girls are in love with

Fashion trends that are ruling our Insta feeds Trends will come and go, that’s how the style circuit functions. However, there’s a chic update; it’s wearable SS20 fashion trends that are likely to stay for a long time. The peak of summer already passed by, feels like it went in a blink, right? Anyway, we still have good news for you; these SS20 trends are transitional enough to carry your fashion diaries from summer to Continue Reading