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Tips to Be The Most Stylish Bridesmaid Ever

Indian weddings are called ‘big, fat and an extravagant affair’ for a reason and I totally bow down to it. They are more than just a ceremony, they are a saga. Weddings are also perceived as a runway by all the divas with the bride being the showstopper. But just because your sissy or your friend is taking the vows doesn’t mean you can’t be next prettiest thing at the wedding. Being a bridesmaid is a tough job but you know what’ll make it easier and more fun? Being the most stylish and well-coordinated bridesmaid ever!

Here are a few tips and trick to make you and your friend or sissy the new ‘bride and bridesmaid goals’!


Rope in the bride and mutually decide on a theme, just kidding, let the bride take the final call. But whatever theme you all “mutually” decide on making the most of it. Coordinating as per a theme will give the message that you’re the bride’s squad without overdoing it.

The brides here chose the theme cape to coordinate with her girlfriends.


Dress with your besties with impeccable color coordination. Let the bride opt for one color and all the bridesmaid can dress up in different shades or that hue. Another way to do this is by wearing the same color combination but in different silhouettes and patterns. This won’t limit you to one silhouette or one color also. All of you will be the same yet uniquely different!

                                      picture courtesy: Shyamal and Bhumika

Take your twinning up a notch by draping your outfits the same way or wearing a similar silhouette, leaving slight difference obviously. Now is the time to experiment with different drapes and silhouettes.

                                             picture courtesy: Nisharavji/Jodi clickers

Let’s twin a li’l unusual shall we? Most people while coordinating emphasize most on wearing similar clothes, but what about the hair and makeup? Trust me, a girl gang dressed similarly with coordinated hair and makeup is sure to leave everybody spellbound. It’s like group power dressing for a wedding.

                                                 picture courtesy: Faraz manan

Now let’s put the regular aside and try something a little more thoughtful. Wear outfits of the same textile or same embroidery in different styles. Here all the bridesmaids are wearing a bandhej saree in different colors and bridesmaids donning similar work on different silhouettes.

Thoughtful isn’t it!

                       picture courtesy: Andrew Adams photography/pinterest

STYL-INC believes in offering the best and different from the rest for you to sway like a breeze on every occasion. We cherish your excitement of being a bridesmaid and will always put in a little extra effort and thought to keep your zeal high. After all, you’re the closest to the bride, we ought to take care of you.


Signin’ off,

Keepin’it Styl-ish

-Priyal Malik

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