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Best Sunscreens for Different Skin Types

Summer time is great, vacations, trips to the beach and chilling in the pool. But all this fun comes at a price. Tanning, marks and patchy skin are just a few gifts that the scorching sun gives us ruining all our hopes to flaunt that summer glow. I hate the skin discoloration that happens every time we step out in the sun. Not only all these things but the growing risk of skin cancer makes me think twice before stepping out. So it’s high time we bow down to our savior sunscreens and enjoy the sun. Since people have different skin types so we have for you a list of a variety of sunscreens to suit different skin types!


If your skin feel really stretchy all the time then you have dry skin. So it’s best for you to go for sunscreens which not only shields your skin from the sun but also hydrates it. I always suggest people with dry skin to stick to one product that caters to both these needs instead of using 2 different products. If you use a cream first and then a sunscreen on top of it, then you can’t be sure of how they might react to each other. So go for something with dual benefits. The 3 options below are super awesome and will make your skin healthy and glowy.

Products: Himalaya protective sunscreen/ Kama ayurveda natural sun/ The body shop Vitamin C glow protect lotion

If your skin feels sticky then you have oily skin. People with oily skin run away from sunscreens, assuming that they’ll make their skin oilier. This notion is totally wrong. There are sunscreens made especially for oily skin. You should always go for a cream which is light and absorbing. Such sunscreens will not only protect your skin but also absorb the oil from your face keeping it light and fresh.

Products: Neutrogens Ultra sheer/ Lakme sun expert/ The body shop oil control Seaweed lotion

If your skin feels stretchy in certain areas and oily in some, then you have a combination skin. Since your skin is neither too dry nor too oily you should go for a water or gel based sunscreen. Such a product will hydrate the dry areas and absorb excessive oil from the oily parts.

Products: L’OREAL perfect aqua essence/ Biotique morning nectar/ Nivea sun protect

Don’t let the sun hinder your fun. Find the right sunscreen according to your skin type and shield yourself from the harsh UV rays of the sun. We’ll be back with some fun and super helpful blogs!


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