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Body Language Tips

Body language plays a crucial role in our everyday interactions. It will speak volumes about you and your personality before you even start communicating. Body language tips may help you in building that lasting impression. During a job interview or a business meeting it can significantly impact making or breaking your career.

From your body language, the interviewer or the stakeholder will judge you whether you are focused, goal-oriented, nervous, or lazy. These subtle actions will convey a lot about your personality and will have a huge impact on your meetings’ success. 

Here are some body language tips to help you ace your next meeting: 

1. Sit straight and comfortably 

Body language tips
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Your sitting posture will tell a lot about your confidence and attitude. Make sure you sit properly with your back straight against the chair. Don’t lean too backward or too forward. It may make you look lazy 

2. Use hand gestures

Hand gestures interviews
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Your hand gestures are important. Make sure you make gestures with your hands while speaking or talking. When you enter the meeting room, make sure to give a firm handshake. Be confident while shaking hands with them. Don’t be too hard or too delicate while shaking hands. 

3. Look directly and make face contact

Meeting tips
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Consider looking directly at the other person. However, don’t make direct eye contact or constantly stare at them. It may look aggressive. Maintain face contact to ensure that you look engaged. 

4. Nod your head

Don’t just sit still. Try nodding your head at times. It is another effective way to show that you are attentive and listening to them. 

5. Avoid crossing your legs

Source: The Balance Careers

When the meeting goes for long, you will struggle and might want to re-cross. Therefore, the best would be to avoid crossing your legs at all. 

6. Don’t appear bored or in hurry

You might have covered a lot of distance and anxiously waiting for your turn. However, don’t let that be visible on your face. Don’t let your face show that you’re getting bored or are in a hurry to leave. 

7. Avoid undesirable body actions

Donts in an interview
Source: The Bertho Times

There are various things to keep in mind when you are in a meeting. You should never make any undesirable action such as adjusting your collar, touching your face repeatedly, or biting your nails. 

8. Smile only when it’s appropriate 

Interview body language tips
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You should definitely wear a smile when interacting with other people. However, you should not constantly laugh or smile. It may reflect that you are not serious. So, you must definitely avoid it. 

Apart from these body language tips, you must always focus on your attire. Dress well and appropriately, as per the occasion. 

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