Bridal Essentials for a COVID Intimate Wedding

Bridal essentials for the post COVID intimate wedding

As the core of the Indian culture and society, weddings remain fairly functional even during the pandemic. While some weddings are being postponed to the next year, others are still being held with fervour. Although now, there has been a massive shift from the conventional Indian wedding to a private one, we’ve still managed to beautify the ceremonies, even with its strictly minimal and private capacity. We can deem that as a good adjustment because that’s exactly what will mark the upcoming Indian weddings, even as the situation eases down. Fortunately, we have all fashion dilemmas or possible queries covered. To start with, here are the bride staples for your intimate post-COVID wedding!

1. A Sustainable Bridal Trousseau If You Please

Minimal bridal trousseau
Image Credit: ShaadiDukaan

With these prominent changes in the matrimonial trends now, the traditional bridal trousseau is also expected to have some sartorial differences. Designers and fashion experts are churning out designs that are more wearable and sustainable over ‘one-time’ ensemble features. The reason behind this shift is also the small size of these celebrations that make minimal fashion also acceptable. Nevertheless, you can simply seek personal wedding shoppers in Delhi and Chandigarh to help you out here.

2. Bold Bridal Eye Makeup

Bold bridal eye makeup
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The fashion star of the year may undoubtedly, be the mandatory face mask. But makeup can still miraculously divert the attention from it. As for the bride, what’s smarter and more effective is to accentuate the eyes with pronounced and statement eye makeup. Since most of the attention will be on your eyes, this definitely rounds up as one of the bridal essentials.

3. Subdued Lips

Subdued lips as a bridal essential
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As much as we love some stunning lip tints to pop our lips, this time around, eye makeup will rule. Though, at the same time, it’d be silly to abandon the lips completely. So, what you, as a bride needs to do is balance it out. Go less with the lips and more with the eyes. Since your mouth is going to be covered with a mask most of the time, go nude with your lips. Paint them in light shades from a subdued palette for an even, practical, yet beautiful look.

4. Bridal Face Mask to Complement Your Look

Bridal masks
Image Credit: Hindustan Times

And, of course! This almost goes without saying. The star of your nuptial outfit, the face mask can readily add that spark of glamour to it. Yes, we know, it’s simply a safety requisite and not really an accessory, but that’s the challenge, right? Get your masks tailor-made to complement your trousseau and make it a wedding look to remember! Propose that as your requirement when you seek wedding consulting services in any other part of the country.

Meanwhile, get planning and prepping for your big day!

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