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We’ve seen so much jewelry, shared it with you all and gotten awe struck over and over again. After every little while we are left mesmerized with the gorgeous jewelry we see on real brides and it leave us wanting more. Here we are back with some stunning, delicate and head turning Bridal Jewelry which look no less than a dream!


This Rajasthani jewel has been stealing hearts all around the world. These small yet intricately designed borlas looking stunning on these brides. Perfect for the girls who want to keep it light on their head.

picture courtesy: Richa Dave/ Pinterest

We’ve all seen various types of maatha pattis well, this I s a new one, this looks like a tiara on your head. Such type have several chains, which can be put together or with spaces between them with a main center piece. Princess-y much?

picture courtesy: Pinterest/ Papa don’t Preach

These aren’t the real royal necklaces but sure look no less than royalty. These long and massively spread pieces will give you the proper royal feels on your wedding.

picture courtesy: Luxmi digital studio/ Himanshu Babbar photography/ Colorblind production

These are my favorite kind. They make the neck look great, and the way they spread even makes the neckline look better.

picture courtesy: Design Aqua studio/ Pinterest

We’ll keep bringing you more and more options for your Bridal Jewelry till the time you don’t find the one best for you. After all helping a girl realize her perfect bridal dream is what we strive for. For further queries or to get styles reach us at STYL-INC.


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-Priyal Malik

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