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Going to the mall feels like entering a battlefield nowadays. We often want to go shopping, but it’s no less than a life hazard at the moment. So what can we do if we’re running out of outfits to wear? Head to your mom’s closet and steal what fits! You might get death glares or a lecture on how to take care of your mom’s first luxury buy or her vintage watch, but it’ll definitely be worth it. As young girls, our most cherished place to spend time was definitely our mom’s closet. Digging through their clothes, trying on their heels and putting on their makeup used to be our favourite pastime. And while we’re all stuck at home during these testing times, why not revisit those comforting days and raid our mom’s closet again?

Here are fashion items that you can definitely borrow from your mom’s closet

Heritage sari:

There is absolutely no doubt that our mom’s have a huge collection of saris that they’ve collected over the years. From bandhani and lehriya to Banarasi and kanjivaram, you can sport any sari from your mom’s closet. Most times, the kind and quality of work that you will find on those saris will be far better than anything we get today. And chances are, these saris will also have a sentimental value. They could be a pass on sari that belonged to your grandmother or it could be your mom’s trousseau sari. Drape the sari conventionally or cinch the pallu with a belt at the waist for a modern touch.

Heritage sari
Credits: Santoshi Shetty,,

Her wedding lehenga:

Your mom’s wardrobe is probably not the place to find this one. Look in the storage under the bed or in an old trunk and you’ll find it preciously packed in mul cotton. If you have a wedding to attend, but you can’t go out for shopping, your mom’s wedding lehenga can save the day. Wear it whole or use elements like the dupatta and see your mom’s eyes well up with happy tears. For someone else’s functions, since the lehenga will obviously be too heavy to be worn as it is, you can just wear the dupatta with an ethnic skirt and crop top. For your own wedding, you can either wear your mom’s lehenga as it is or use the dupatta as your veil and you’ll look no less than a royal bride.

Credits: Ritu Kumar, Stories by Joseph Radhik Jatin Kampani

Heirloom jewellery:

Much like heritage saris, your mom will also be in possession of beautiful heirloom jewellery pieces that would date back at least a decade or two. Jhumkas, chokers, navratan necklace, temple jewellery or even a diamond set, the list is pretty much endless. If you’ve been eyeing one of her jewellery pieces, now is the time to borrow it. Not only are the vintage jewellery designs back in trend, they are also highly versatile and can be worn with almost all kinds of outfits. If you want to make a fashion statement at a function without having to buy something new, use your mom’s heirloom jewellery to amp up any simple outfit.

Credits:, Naman Verma photography, Symetree

Oversized bags:

We all need a good oversized bag from time to time. They’re no less than an investment and chances are your mom has invested in a couple of these practical bags over the years. If you an important meeting or a brunch date with the ladies and want to make an statement, borrow your mom’s oversized tote bag and carry the world in it with you. Make sure you don’t return it with a single mark on it because trust me, your mom will know. Pair them up with laid back outfits and let the bag do the talking for you.

Credits:, Thesweetestthingblog,

Pearl accessories

You’d be lying if you said your mom doesn’t have a collection of pearls. Even if not a huge collection, you can definitely find a few gorgeous pieces of pearl jewellery in your mom’s closet. While pearls do have a reputation of being a typically “mommy” accessory, they look absolutely gorgeous with evening gowns and dresses. Wear coloured pearl earrings or stack pearl strings with your evening dress, or wear a single pearl string with business formals or even casuals for instant elegance.

borrow pearls from your mom's closet
Credits: Style Du Monde, photo emporium, Ann Taylor

Oversized tees and cardigans

Lockdown and working from home has made comfortable clothing a priority for all of us. Oversized clothing is the new chic and we’re all loving the trend. Lucky for us, we don’t need to hit the mall to shop for this trend. Just raid your mom’s or even your dad’s closet and you’ll find plenty of T-shirts that are oversized for you. Wear them with biker shorts or wide legged jeans for a comfy work from home day. You can also borrow oversized cardigans from your mum when it gets chilly and all you want to do is roll in warm blanket and Netflix. Oversized cardigans are great for layering and look super cute in winters, so just dig through your mom’s closet and borrow some for a fashionable winter day.

Borrow oversized tees from your mom's closet
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