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Style Tips for Short Men | STYL Blog

Style tips for short men

Every individual has a unique style personality. It’s all about finding yours and dressing accordingly to achieve that perfect look. Short men really have a tough time finding clothes that suit them and fit their body type. We are well aware that you have no control over your height. However, how you style yourself is in your hands. By dressing for your height, you can even create an illusion to make yourself appear taller. Let’s Continue Reading

Body language tips for your next meeting | STYL Blog

Body Language Tips

Body language plays a crucial role in our everyday interactions. It will speak volumes about you and your personality before you even start communicating. Body language tips may help you in building that lasting impression. During a job interview or a business meeting it can significantly impact making or breaking your career. From your body language, the interviewer or the stakeholder will judge you whether you are focused, goal-oriented, nervous, or lazy. These subtle actions Continue Reading

Men’s Wedding accessories that will never go out of style

Indian groom wedding accessories

Indian men and grooms are nowadays ruling the wedding space with their impeccable sense of style. We love how Indian grooms are not afraid of experimenting with different colours and hues these days. Who says grooms have limited options and don’t have much scope to experiment? From unique colour combinations to statement jewellery pieces, Indian grooms are experimenting with their looks like never before.  Here we bring a list of wedding accessories that every Indian Continue Reading

From campus to the office: How to dress appropriately at the office

Corporate Dressing Ideas

If you’re a new college graduate, you will soon find yourself looking for jobs and internships. It’s time to brush up your skills and apply them in the real world. You’re ready to enter the professional life and start your career. But what about your wardrobe? When we are in college, our closets are filled with denim, jeans, hoodies, graphic t-shirts. In college, we tend to focus more on outfits that we are comfortable wearing Continue Reading

How to dress well as a Tall and Skinny Man

style tips for tall and skinny men

Many of us aspire to be skinny and tall. However, men who are both tall and skinny face numerous challenges in finding the right style. Loose and baggy clothes can make you appear lanky no matter what you wear. We have come up with some style tips for tall and skinny men that will help you look more buff. You can create that illusion by following these simple tricks and dressing accordingly. Tips for Guys who are Continue Reading