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Corporate Dressing Color Trends for Spring / Summer 2018

Summer season is already at its peak. In summers, we really can barely think of wearing dark colors, especially in the office. But do light colors really contribute to the concept of corporate styling? Definitely. Let’s check out the color trends to follow in Spring/Summer 2018 for corporate dressing and expand your wardrobe from basic to sophisticated.

1- Lavender

Lavender is an elegant and delicate color. This one is utterly perfect for summers and is dominating the fashion charts in 2018. Wear masculine suits in lavender or shades of purple to your office and let your dress speak of your authority.

2- Blues

As the name says, blue denotes the sky and its depth and stability. It symbolizes confidence, intelligence, and loyalty. This is equally good for human metabolism. Try out a perfect fit sky blue shirt or a summer blazer for your next office meeting.

3- Greens

Green as the color is associated with growth, money, and finances. Well, what better than this color for a business meeting. Trying out something other than the regular greys & blacks always gives you an edge in your style!

4- Pinks & Oranges

Another color that is topping the charts this summer is peach. Try on a peach-colored summer jacket or a peach pencil skirt and mix it with some basic summer tones to show your presence in the office.

5- White: Color of Summer

White has always been the color for our office dresses. It can be our crisp white shirts or white shift dresses. And guess what? This is also one perfect tone for summers.

Colors always add a fun factor to our attire. It is fun when they also add power to our attire.

So, try out a mix and match of these colors to your office and…

Keep It Stylish !!!

Pallavi Ludhrani

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