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Best Coloured Concealers to Colour You Flawlessly

It’s true that diamonds are a girl’s best friend but concealers are like our soul mates. I used to struggle so much to get flawless looking skin but honestly that never happened for me. I’m sure a lot of girls could relate to me right now. Patchiness, uneven skin tones or acne have been our worst enemies since ages, always messing up our skin. Though all you girls must be aware of colored concealers but might not be very sure about how to use them. So I’ve complied all the different concealer and where to use them in one list for you to nail it like a pro!


Green concealers are used to nullify any type of redness, be it from acne or sun burn. It gives a flawless base for the foundation to be applied on. Green color covers the redness with perfection be it a red spot or a red zit.

product courtesy: Lancome tientidole ultra wear camouflage corrector/Lo’real studio secrets/Clinique acne solution clearing concealer

This is to add glow to a dull skin. It is god sent for girls with yellow or dull skin. It balances out yellowness and dullness to give you a glowing, radiant skin.

product courtesy: Smashbox photo finish color correcting/NYX concealer/Urban decay Naked skin corrector

This color is most suited for your eyes. Pink/peach/red color concealers help hide eye bags and dark circles. They not only cover the dark circles but also brighten the eyes and the areas around it. No more eye woes anymore!

                product courtesy: Bobbi brown/NYX/Max factor color correcting

This color concealer is basically a ‘glow’ adding element. Those who have marginal dark circles can go for yellow concealers instead of red. Yellow color will also cover up any blue veins that show around your eyes or anywhere on your face.

                                     product courtesy: NYX/Lancome/Maybelline

This shade is appropriate for people with a darker skin tone. Orange concealer will cover your eye bags or darks circles better than a pink concealer. And those with lighter skin tones can use this color for contouring or as a bronzer.

product courtesy: Sephora/Dark spot color corrector/L.A. girl pro concealer

Be sure about this color before you jump for it. I’d suggest to use this color just for highlighting your high points. Dab a little on your cheek bones, Cupid’s bow or in the inner corner of the eyes. Don’t use is all over your face as that’ll make you look pale, so use it moderately and wisely.

product courtesy: Make up for ever/PRO conceal

I make it a point to always remind all the girls that using makeup is not a bad thing. There is nothing wrong with a little covering and highlighting here and there as long as you are happy with it. Try different colors and products as per your liking and skin type and never stop slaying girls!


Signin off,

Keepin’it Styl-ish

-Priyal Malik

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