Conceal to Perfection!

Choose Your Concealer Smartly

How many of us crave for a flawless, glowing skin? I can swear by anything that all of us do. No matter how much we take care we always end up with blemishes. I don’t find the time to go through a full make up routine everyday and instead use one product for a flawless natural look. Those of you wondering, I use just a concealer, and I’m good to go. For me concealers are god sent!

CONCEALERS: I get fascinated seeing different varieties of concealers. There are powder, liquid, creamy and matte concealers. Different concealers for different skin types but something for everybody!

Styl-tip: buy the one that matches your skin tone so that it blends well.

Here are some of my favorite concealers:

  • M.A.C pro long wear concealer

PRODUCT: M.A.C pro long wear concealers

This is my no.1 choice. It conceals the blemishes like magic. This magic is suitable for all skin types. For those who want the ‘bare look’ this should be your go-to choice. it blends in perfectly, provides full coverage , matte look for up to 15 hours!

P.s its available in so many shade.

  • YSL Anti-Cernes multi action concealer

PRODUCT: Yves Saint Laurent concealers

This stick concealer is chic and easy to apply. Perfect to cover up those stubborn dark circles and puffiness. Its light on the skin and breaks the myth that stick concealers block the pores. It will surely brighten up your face!

  • NARS soft matte complete concealer- custard

PRODUCT: NARS soft matte concealer range

This powder concealer unlike others does not settle into unwanted fine lines. It gives a matte look, doesn’t make the face oily and smooth the complexion evenly completely covering the blemishes for up to 16 hours!

P.s, its so light you won’t even feel you’re wearing it.

  • MAYBELLINE Fit me!

PRODUCT: Maybelline fit me concealers

I am in love with the Maybelline fit me concealer range. Liquid, smooth consistency concealer, which gives full coverage without making the skin oily. A blessing for those with dry skin. Its easily available in different shades and easy on the pocket.

  • Bobbi Brown creamy concealer kit

PRODUCT: Bobbi Brown creamy concealer kit

A generous application of this creamy magic is all you need for a lit up face. it instantly brightens up my face, hides all the dark circles. It gives such a fresh, natural look. A big thumbs up!

  • LO’real true match super blendable crayon concealer

PRODUCT: LO’real true match crayon concealers

Hide minimal, hide all, blemishes, dark circles or uneven skin tone. LO’real crayon concealer covers it effortlessly without looking cakey or feeling heavy. You can find it in a variety of shades and start ‘super blending.’

  • NYX

PRODUCTS: NYX color correcting palate, stick concealer and liquid concealer

NYX  seems persistent to fix all the blemish woes. The range concealers they offers blows my mind. Stick, liquid and palates of color correcting concealers.

Get a little creative with the concealer palate. They don’t compromise on their quality and all their concealers stand up to the brand’s reputation.

We all need a little a help now and then and there is nothing wrong in taking it. I use make up not to hide myself but to highlight myself. Don’t let dark circles or blemish control you. Take charge, buy your magic wand and take them down! Choose your concealer smartly and blend it right in so that you stand out from the rest. Go shine!

Signin off,

Keepin’ it Stylish

-Priyal Malik

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