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Basic dining etiquette rules

Dining etiquettes play a very important role in our daily lives. Dining etiquette can help you make a favorable impression, especially when you are in a social business situation. It is one of the most valuable and important skills every individual must possess.

Dining etiquette rules
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Be it a date or a professional meeting; bad table manners can be very embarrassing. Sharing meals and bonding over dinner can help you maintain relationships. However, not following the right table manners can be very off-putting for you and your partner. It could affect your relationship negatively.

We are here to guide you. Here are some dining etiquette rules everyone should know. Keep these things in mind and save yourself from any kind of embarrassment: 

1. Dress according to the occasion

Dress according to the occassion
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Dining etiquette is much more than table manners. You have to be very mindful of your attire. Make sure you dress neatly and according to the occasion. If you are going for a business lunch/ meeting, make sure you dress appropriately and nicely. Avoid wearing tennis shoes and jeans. 

2. Always be on time

Make sure that you reach on time. However, don’t be that early. Arriving 5 minutes before the decided time will be great. You can consider taking a small gift for the host. 

3. The host should be the charge

Dining Etiquette Rules
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If you’re the best, make sure that you are doing all the preparations and reservations ahead of the decided date. It will create a really bad impression on the other person when there is no restaurant table available. If it is a professional meeting, it can even affect your relations with them. 

4. Follow basic table manners

Basic table manners
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You should practice some basic table manners whenever you’re out with your guests. Pay attention to what your guests are doing. Try to keep pace with them. Start eating together and let them feel comfortable. Always take small bites of food and avoid speaking when you have food in your mouth. 

You should practice these basic manners even when there is no table around or at a casual occasion, like, a picnic or a barbecue. Avoid adding everything in one go. Take average-sized servings and avoid making everyone around you uncomfortable. 

5. Napkin etiquette 

Napkin etiquette rules
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Most people don’t follow the basic napkin etiquette rules. However, you should know what to do with the napkin when seating or when leaving the table. You should always put your napkin in your lap. However, you should wait until your guests are seated.

If you are out for a business meeting or dinner, wait until your guests put the napkin on their lap. After you have finished the meal, don’t use it as a towel. If you have to attend a call or want to go to the restroom, you may fold it and place it on the table. 

6. Know about the utensils 

Basic Dining Etiquette Rules
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This is one of the common dining etiquette rules that most of us struggle with. You should always know which utensils to use and how to hold them properly. Make sure that you are using the cutlery the right way. You may try practicing it at home before going out. 

7. Wait for everyone to start

Basic dining rules
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If your guests are waiting for their dish, be a little courteous and wait for them. You should wait for everyone to be served before you start eating. If you are waiting for something, you can ask your guests to start if you don’t want them to keep waiting. Try keeping your food options balanced with your guests. If they are ordering a dessert, accompany them, and do the same.

8. Avoid excessive eating

Excessive eating
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When it comes to dining etiquette rules, you must follow a normal speed of eating. Don’t rush, especially when you are out in public and with your colleagues. Be polite and take the average amount of food on your plate. 

9. Treat wait staff nicely

Basic dining etiquette rules
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Don’t treat them like your servants. Be nice to them. Do not complain or criticize the food quality to them. Remember, it is not their fault. Make sure you behave nicely and thank them at the end. 

10. Decide ahead of time who will pay the bill

If you are going to pay the bill, you must let the waiter know in advance. If you are going to split the bill, you must communicate about that within your group in advance. 

Follow these basic dining etiquette rules when going for business meals or social gatherings. 

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