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Webinar etiquettes and tips

The global pandemic has brought a major shift in the workplace and the working environment. With the sudden shift to work-from-home and remotely working, the demand for video conferencing apps has grown. All the meetings are now in the form of video calls. It is not just the business meetings that are happening via a video call. Schools, universities, shopping, launches, and events, everything is happening virtually. 

Whether you’re a host or a presenter or an attendee, you have to follow a few basic etiquettes when attending a meeting or a webinar. Our etiquette and body language play a crucial role in our interactions. Similarly, when we are in a formal online environment, it is essential that we reflect on the same behavior. 

Webinar etiquettes and tips
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Webinars can be a great tool for building relationships and interacting with your staff and customers. It is convenient for attendees as well as the host because anyone can join in the real-time conversation from anywhere around the world. However, it can be challenging to host or attend an online presentation. Here are some tips and webinar etiquettes that you should keep in mind.

When you are presenting/ hosting a webinar

Tips for webinars
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There are some major differences in an online presentation or webinar when you’re a presenter or an attendee. Here are some webinar etiquettes you should follow to ensure a positive experience for your attendees and participants:

1. Test the video conferencing software 

There can be technical errors and glitches in the software. Therefore, it is crucial that you test the software before the webinar. There are multiple web conferencing applications available in the market.

Video conferencing apps
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You can test different apps and choose one as per your convenience. Try to familiarize yourself with the software. You can also consider hosting a few test rounds.

2. Speak slowly and clearly

There is a major difference between a presentation and an online presentation. You have to maintain your pace accordingly. Slow down your speaking speed and avoid using any kind of slang or jargon in between. You could lose participants if you speak too fast or use too many lingos. Take the necessary pause between each step, especially when you are slides. 

3. Manage screen sharing

Video meetings and lectures
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Many video apps allow the option to disable screen sharing for the participants. If you are hosting or presenting, you can disable others from sharing anything.

4. Choose a bright and quiet room 

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When you are hosting or presenting a webinar, make sure that there are no distractions. You must choose a quiet and bright spot and ensure that the focus is on you. Eliminate all the objects that look distractive and make it as professional as you can. You can click here to read more on how to look presentable and professional on video-calls. 

5. Don’t just read the slides

Try to make your webinar conversational and interactive. If you are simply going to read out the slides, your participants will start losing their interest. Also, make your presentations visually appealing and follow the six by six rule when creating a webinar presentation.

6. Sit straight and smile

Good posture plays a crucial role during a video conferencing. It signals that you are attentive and energized. Make sure that you sit up straight and smile when you are talking to the attendees.

Video etiquettes and tips
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You can use hand gestures when you are explaining anything. However, you must avoid and refrain from crossing the arms. These are some of the basic webinar etiquettes you must follow when hosting or presenting a webinar.

When you are attending a webinar

Webinar etiquettes for attendees
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Here are some webinar etiquettes you must follow when you are an attendee or a participant:

1. Be punctual and log in on time

Try to log in 10-15 minutes early before the scheduled time. You will miss out on a lot of information if you get late, and it will also disrupt the whole session.

2. Turn on audio and video only when necessary

Webinar etiquettes and tips
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If you are a participant, you must turn off the video and keep the audio on mute. Keeping them on unnecessarily will serve as a distraction to the audiences and the host. Therefore, you must turn on the audio or the video only when it is necessary. 

3. Be an active participant and ask questions

Listen carefully and note down all the questions. Make it as interactive as you can by asking the relevant questions. However, you must always wait for your turn. It will get difficult for the host to keep track when two people ask are speaking together. 

4. Be respectful

Webinar tips and etiquettes
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Be respectful and listen to what the presenter has to say. You can share your opinions and perspectives. However, don’t try to put the host down. If the platform allows publicly-visible chat, be sure of what you are sharing.

Don’t send anything that could hurt the sentiments of the host or any participant. Pay heed to the audiences and the host before writing anything. 

Whether you are a host or an attendee, you must follow these simple do’s and dont’s of virtual meetings. Be mindful of these webinar etiquettes and get the most out of a webinar. 

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