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A person’s whole personality gets reflected by what they wear and how they carry it. It’s always easy to dress-up well if your updated wardrobe has all the fashion staples. When it comes to fashion staples, accessories play a vital role. One of these fashion must-haves is a Bow-Tie.

Bow-Tie is an off-beat fashion accessory that makes a statement piece in your attire. And trust me, you’ll feel delighted in yourself if you own at least one of these.

Why should one own a Bow-tie?


1.  Because every man looks sharper carrying one.

Bow-tie gives an extra edge to a man’s whole attire. It grants you your own moments of style. Go for a classic black suit with a simple black bow-tie; and you will surely crack your upcoming business deal.

2. It makes one look extra dapper.

A handsome man’s style gets enhanced with just an addition of bow-tie. It makes you look groomed and urbane. Well groomed men are always taken seriously, be it by the girls or by their work colleagues.

3. It provides you a fresh look.

Be it a formal occasion or a casual dinner date or your best friend’s wedding, this tie is your go-to accessory. It completes that chic look you aspire for. Wearing bow-tie once a while gives you a breeze of freshness.

4. It is simple, classic and chic.

Bow-tie never goes out-of-fashion. It’s a classic. It’s just the fact that, men have recently opened up to experimentation when it comes to fashion. A simple classic black-suit with a crisp white shirt and a black bow-tie gives you a Bond-look, making you a well-aware, sophisticated man.

5. Make A Statement In Your Office

A pair of cotton chinos with a pastel shirt and a black bow-tie to add an edge to the attire – that’s all you need to make a statement in your office.

5. Women find it attractive.

Last but not the least, women get attracted towards a man who is open to trying something new in terms of his dressing. It makes you look sharp. And when it comes to gaining women’s attention, who does not like it.


So, why not upgrade your wardrobe and get this fashionable accessory right away. For more fashion content look at Styl-Inc!

And until you try on one…

Keep It Stylish…!!!

Pallavi Ludhrani

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