For the Monsoon Bride: Dealing with COVID19

How to go about your Wedding Shopping during this Pandemic.

Is your wedding in July, August or September this year? Were you just going to step out in search of your dream Wedding lehenga? However, the COVID19 spreading throughout the world has put all your aspirations at halt. Sadly, you have to now abandoned all plans that involve any kind of social interaction!

Breathe in and Breathe Out. Here we have for our precious Brides-to-be a CHECK-LIST.

A list of productive things you can do towards your autumn-winter wedding while self-quarantined at home.

Meanwhile, we assure you- PANIC is NOT a part of this list.

1. Identify what you are looking for:

We are constantly fixated to step out and see what the market has to offer. On the contrary the prior behind the scenes research is most important. Brides, this is a good time to make use of that 2020 Planner Diary you brought and do some brainstorming. Here is how you could start-

  • Jot down everything in your diary or your phone/laptop. Create a journal of sorts.
  • Decide what kind of a Bride you see yourself as. (Modern Age/Tradition?)
  • List the colours you have in mind for the wedding day.
  • Choose Silhouettes that you like while browsing through fashion/wedding magazines.
  • Choose what kind of style you want your dream lehenga to be.
  • Decide if you want to colour coordinate with your partner. If yes, keep that in mind while choosing your colour palate.
  • Start defining a colour palate for other functions as well.

If you have a clear vision of how to go about things now, shopping will be a much faster process for you post the COVID19 crisis melts down.

Create fun Moodboards

2. Do your Homework:

We know you are eager to research the market and just book your most important outfit for your most important day. As fascinating as the number of designers in the market seem, you cannot possibly have five changes in one night! Therefore, it is essential that you know in advance which designer label caters to what kind of customers. Further, you figure if you and your mindset fit in that criteria. Put the internet to good use and take a look at the collections of all the designers.

3. Be extra EXTRA health conscious:

One can ‘not’ emphasis enough on the EXTRA here.

The need is to be Extra Cautious.

The impact of COVID19 is partially scary in our country. However, HEALTH has to be your utmost priority during right now, more than ever. Stay home. Stay Safe.  Only if you’re healthy and safe in your home right now, you will be a relaxed and glowing bride closer to the date. (#Bridechilla!!!) Take this time to focus on your skin care, hair care and exercise routines. Meanwhile, you can even view youtube tutorials on make-up, draping, hair styles- anything under the sun that interests and relaxes you!

Pamper yourself in this quarantine time so you can hustle with the shopping later.

4. Stay Up-to-date with latest trends:

We know Instagram is self-sufficient in this millennial world. But since you have that extra time off work now- use the other mediums of inspiration as well. That is to say;

  • pick up any well-known magazine and go through the latest and upcoming trends for brides.
  • Search through Pinterest and make virtual collections of whatever appeals you.
  • Welcome the primitive approach. Extract snippets from magazines or from anything that inspires you. Place it on a board/wall in your room.
  • In addition to the basics, you could also be on a look out for the extras. Accessories, shoes, handbags to say a few.

Voila! You have yourself a homemade Moodboard!
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5. Forward your ideas and inspirations to everyone involved in the wedding preps:

This is a good way for everyone to stay on the same page. And of course, avoid the confusions and hassles in the later stage. Make a whatsapp group with all the people involved in the wedding preparations. Constantly send them ideas of what captivates you. Discuss what they have in mind as well and take inspiration from each other. Be it a décor inspo or a styling inspo – keep everyone in the loop.

6. Let your Wedding Stylist make your life easier:

There are obviously a thousand jumbled up things on your mind. As your wedding Stylists we here at TeamStyl Inc are there to get into your headspace and assemble all your thoughts into one folder. Staying constantly in touch with us is going to be beneficial for both of us. Specially, for your upcoming wedding shopping session. Further, we can build a colour scheme around all your functions. In turn, easing the process of styling all your looks.

You could also on and off have a quick video chat with your assigned stylist. It is a great idea to express what your expectations are from us. During this COVID19 lockdown period, we can also start working in the direction you want.

Keep us up-to-date as and when the ideas float in your head. Meanwhile, leave the rest of the improvisations on us. Trust us to make your wedding shopping a smooth process!

7. No panic decisions:

No preaching here. We certainly are constantly being overly informed about COVID19. While it is important to take necessary precautions, it is also important not to panic. Check the source of the news you’re basing your future decisions on. It is completely ok if you have made any bookings towards the year end. Calm down and see how things unfold in a couple of months. Do not take panic decisions based on hearsay as of now.

Do Not Panic

All in all, put this time into some extraordinary planning. Come out of these dark COVID19 times and self-quarantine with some great ideas and inspiration!!

Stay home. Stay Healthy.

Keep’in it Styl’ish

Signing Off.

Sagarika Kapoor.

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