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Hollywood Characters to Look upto for Power Dressing

We always get inspired by what we see on television. Be it the loving and caring relationships from Desperate Housewives or the chill-out friendship of F.R.I.E.N.D.S . More than feelings we get inspired by what these characters wear and how they carry themselves with power. Here are few Hollywood characters that inspire me to dress powerfully.

1. Jessica Pearson from Suits

Wooooo!!! I really love how this female co-founder and managing partner of the top law firm in Manhattan carry herself. The dresses she chooses are of proper-fit and fashion forward in a very subtle way. This shows that she is the supreme power (over men) in the company and has a liberal thinking.

2. Miranda’s from Devil Wears Prada

Another stunningly influential character in the fashion industry who is very driven, commanding, and precise. Her dressing sense portrayed the same. The way she incorporated black in her powerful suits, short fashion-forward haircut, and a superior attitude, was commendable.

3. Claire Underwood from House Of Cards


Robin Wright plays the character of first lady embattled to the president. Claire Underwood’s wardrobe is minimal and crisp making her attire make an authoritative statement. This icy grey dress of hers matches her icy glare in the presidential portrait.

4. Harvey Spectre from Suits

Harvey Spectre is a confident, self-obsessed, top-notch lawyer in the country. He states his power by his excellent professional performance. He loves being impeccable and makes sure he does his job with sheer diligence. His perfectly fitted, single-breasted suits with narrow lapels and skinny, power ties are a bang on inspiration for a young, confident lawyer.

5. Frank Underwood from House Of Cards

Frank Underwood is the president of the states. In this very presidential power pose, Frank is making a connection with the people of the country. He chooses to wear a simple yet powerful charcoal black suit with a simple yet a classic white crisp shirt. To break the boringness, he adds thick, bold, striped tie with a half Windsor knot. The looks in the whole series are neat and clean just like a politician should be.

6. Rachel Green from F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Rachel Green is a Buyer in one of the best fashion brands in the world. As her profession say, she is required to be fashionable but not very dominant due to her “not-so-senior” position in the firm. She experiments a lot with different styles. Like an off-shoulder top with the tie inside it paired with solid blue parallel pants (my personal favorite). As she is not in the top management, it gives her a few open ends to experiments with her office-wear.

7. Donna Paulsen from Suits


She is the personal assistant to Harvey Spectre. This perfectly put together lady is known for her uncanny 6th sense. As her character, she majorly chooses solid, knee-length pencil cut dresses with unusual necklines and details that give her the drama. This makes her the strong wall one needs to break before reaching out for her company.

8. Louis Litt from Suits


He is the name partner at the top law firm of the country and direct supervisor to firm’s attorneys. He is snobbish but is known for his old-fashioned and strict rules he uses at work. Louis Litt wears classic suits but is unafraid to experiment with printed ties and pocket-squares at work. This makes him an over-dressed but a person in a power position.

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So get inspired and always…

Keep It Stylish…!!!

Pallavi Ludhrani

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