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Ways to bring in a quarantine birthday

The lockdown has affected our lives in various ways, but it has put quite a serious damper on birthday celebrations. Long gone are the days where we’d invite our friends for a big get-together at a club or at home to bring in our birthdays. However, new times introduce new ways that are definitely more memorable. Quarantine birthday has become a low-key affair with minimal people, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Here are a few ways to bring in your birthday during a lockdown and still manage to have fun. 

Host a virtual party

Virtual quarantine birthday party
Image Credit: Cosmopolitan

Who said a get-together can’t be virtual? Invite all your friends for a Zoom birthday party! You can play games (drinking games too!), cut cakes, and bring in the birthday together. As they say, socially distant, but emotionally together!

Get glam and enjoy a lavish dinner with the fam

Lavish birthday dinner with family
Image Credit: ColourByK

If you miss getting dressed to the nines for a special occasion, who says you can’t do it with your fam? Make it an extravagant dinner party with your family where everyone dresses up and has a great time, with a spread of a well-planned menu. Order in or prepare a delicious dinner and enjoy a game or a movie night with your loved ones. 

Indulge in self-care

Birthday self care
Image Credit: Cuitan Dokter

There’s never a better opportunity to pamper yourself than on your birthday, particularly on a quarantine birthday. Take a day off from your work and simply spend time with yourself. Organize a bubble bath, a homemade spa session, or a simple wine and movie night just for yourself!

Get creative with baking a cake

Baking your own birthday cake
Image Credit: MyRecipes

Now you don’t need to watch 100 YouTube videos on baking the perfect cake. Just do the basics and get creative with your likes. But make sure you don’t blow your kitchen up. Pick out your ingredients, study the basic recipe, and then get to it!

Help out the underprivileged

Giving back is always the best gift! Pick your preferred charity/animal shelter/orphanage and do your bit. Whether you’d like to donate or go volunteer yourself, that’s up to you. But helping the underprivileged on your birthday is an amazing way of giving back to society.

At the end of the day, it’s your special day, so doing what truly makes you happy is the only bottom line. So, plan ahead or let it flow!

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