How to choose the “Right Makeup-Artist” ??

Tips to Choose Right Make-Up Artist for Wedding Day

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As the wedding season is soaring high there is a lot of photography that takes place before and on your wedding. From pre- wedding shoots to the wedding.

Of all the days to mess up on makeup, your wedding is not one of them. After all the planning, the pinning and the picking, the last thing you want is to not look the best in your wedding photos for years to come. A good makeup artist is the key, but the actual process of finding the makeup artist that’s right for you can be a bit daunting. It can be tough task to choose the one. Here are the tips on how-to-get the right makeup artist for your wedding.


Pictures can be deceptive, you can’t make out from a picture how and what type of makeup that artist is using. Its a tough task to know whether the make-up artist is good enough or not. Check out your favourite makeup artists work on all social media platforms and go through the review given on their work.


For hiring a makeup artist, you should always know what your budget is. It’s a stereotype that whoever is expensive will do good work. Rather you should choose someone who is offering the sort of makeup you are looking for. When you’re comfortable and confident with your makeup artist,you’ll look even more beautiful. The charges will differ from professional to professional and will also depend on the sort of products you opt for. So it’s best to find a MUA who offers makeup of a variety of price range. This will also give you a chance to explore different looks and techniques.


The Best solution is if you can go and book a trial with your favourite makeup artist. Its best to know if they’re actually good on you or not (If the products they’re using matches your style).


 The real process should begin anywhere from 6-8 months before your wedding. Typically any makeup artist has the first trial with the bride about six months before the wedding to talk about skin care and the possibilities of needing to see a dermatologist, whether eyebrows need to be grown in over time and other long term fixes that take time to happen before the big day. This will make the ‘getting ready’ process much quicker and more effective.

These few tips and tricks will not only assist in finding that suit you the best but will also help you nail every look. For any further queries or to get styled reach us at STYL-INC.

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