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There is a reason why Paris is the fashion capital of the world! When it comes to style, Parisian really do know what they’re talking about. And who doesn’t want to dress like them? They are the walking-talking equivalent of Instagram fashion and trends!  What stands out is their flair for simplicity and effortless chic attire. Parisian fashion is one aesthetic that is easily recognisable no matter where you are.

Their styles are classic and minimalistic yet they paint the perfect picture of elegance. Most of the key pieces are already in all of our closets. It all comes down to how we style them. With just a wave of the wand, achieving this look will be on our fingertips. Next time you’re in Paris, you can just pretend to be a Parisian. At least for a little awhile, we can all dominate the fashion capital!

A few staple “Parisian” items that can revamp your style are:

A Pair of Straight leg/Boyfriend Denim

Lose, comfortable and most importantly very chic. The boyfriend jeans trend is the most adaptable and stylish one yet. It can practically be styled with any kind of top and can be worn all year long.

Parisian Chic Style

Classic A-Line Over Coats. (Preferably Beige)

A-line coats are the heart and soul of Parisian culture. They have the unique ability to be dressed up or down. This staple piece can add flare to the simplest of outfits as well!


Pleated Satin Tea Skirt

The personified image of a Parisian can simply be achieved by putting on a pleated tea skirt. It symbolises class and elegance that suits most body shapes.

PC: Pinterest

Oversized Sweaters

The easiest way to look effortlessly dainty and pretty while staying warm is by embracing the silhouettes of oversized sweaters. They may seem hard to style but paired alongside the right accessories, they do make a statement.

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There is possibly nothing more French than a typical Beret. It can revamp your look and even add that extra element that was missing from your-almost-Parisian ensemble!

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Wrap Dresses

Universally flattering, wrap dresses have been reinvented in almost all styles, fabrics and colours making them a very popular summer choice! With the right accessories, it can be a very versatile choice.

Parisienne Style
PC: Pinterest

Parisian fashion trends are probably the most distinctive and adaptable elements of the industry. They set standards of elegance and sophistication which we all admire. Dressing up like the quintessential It-girl can easily be achieved with simple pieces from our own wardrobes. Minimalism is in their DNA’s! Embracing modest colours often make their style even more refined. Nothing too perfect, nothing too clustered is the key to Parisian style. Au revoir!

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