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Intimate wedding guest list

Figuring out a guest list that pleases everyone at your wedding can be a bit challenging. Amidst pandemic, many couples ditched their idea of a dream wedding and downsized their guest list because of the government’s norms. The idea of intimate weddings has always been a choice embraced by many couples. However, it became necessary to cut down on the guests’ number because of the pandemic and the restrictions. 

As per the latest guidelines, you will soon be allowed to invite 100 guests at your wedding. However, if you still wish and dream of having a small and intimate wedding, we have got you covered. 

Intimate wedding guest list
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Cutting down on your wedding list will get difficult for you, especially when both of you come from large families and have a big circle of friends. To make it right for your big day, you have to keep certain things in your mind.

Here are some tips on how you can manage your guest list for your intimate weddings:

1. Throw a virtual wedding and Livestream your ceremonies

Throwing a virtual wedding is one of the ideal ways to make all your guests part of the special day. None of your guests will be disappointed that you have not invited them. Embrace the idea of a virtual wedding and create an unforgettable experience for all your guests around the world.

2. Split the guest list 

Guest list for Intimate wedding
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Whether you want to invite 50 guests or less, the best way to manage this would be splitting the guest list. This way, both families get an equal chance to invite their important guests. 

3. Forget the ‘Invite for Invite’ trend

At times, we invite certain guests only because we attended their weddings and celebrations. You even might invite every guest who has been a part of your life. However, that’s not how it works, especially when you wish to have a small and intimate wedding.

Guest list for intimate wedding
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2020 is all about adapting and embracing new things. Here’s one thing that you need to keep in mind is ditch the idea of ‘Invite for Invite.’ You cannot have them at your wedding if they are not that close to you.

4. Add only close relatives and BFFs

Guest list for intimate wedding
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Ditch the idea of inviting every single person and invite only close relatives and BFFs. You can create two-lists and prioritize between the names before adding them to the final list. 

5. Avoid neighbors and colleagues

These are some of the people you interact the most with. However, that doesn’t mean you have to invite them to your intimate wedding. You’re not bound to invite all the neighbors and your office colleagues. You can easily skip them and give them a treat later.

6. Send a digital note to the guests you will not be able to invite

Intimate wedding guest list
Source: Razz Films and Photography

Instead of keeping it a secret, you can let your guests know that you won’t be able to invite them. Send a digital note and let go of that guilt. Just explain your situation, and we are sure they will understand your decision. 

Ace your guestlist planning by following these tips and downsize the guestlist for your intimate wedding ceremonies with ease. 

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