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On regular days we love twinning with our partners because it’s fun, but when it comes to the wedding ensembles coordinating becomes an unspoken need. Coordinating with your partner not only makes the pictures comes out good but also makes you look synchronized as the couple. Believe it or not it does create a sense of belonging which even your guests can feel. So here are various ways in which you can coordinate your wedding clothes and look A1 on your big day!


This is by far the most basic way to coordinate or twin. Choose entire outfits of the same color. To make it slightly more elegant you can opt for similar embroideries or motifs as well.

Picture Courtesy: Reels and frames photography/ Shivan and Narresh

This is one step higher than the former one. In this not only does the couple coordinate amongst themselves but they also coordinate with the décor. So you don’t choose a specific color instead you choose color scheme/palette. The former image shows a cool and earthy palette while the latter shows a warm color palette.

Picture Courtesy: Sabyasachi / Gautam Khullar photography

This one is really fun and this encourages couples to be more creative and experimental. So to nail this coordination you the groom picks a few elements he wants to match with his bride. Here a few examples of how it can be done in different ensembles and different cultures.

The grooms can match his Nehru jacket with the bride’s lehenga, matching his Veshti with his bride’s saree or just styling a bow tie or a regular tie of the same hue as his bride’s outfit.

Picture Courtesy; Anita Dongre / Styl-Couple

The Sikh groom can wear a turban of the same as the bride’s outfit and also carry a stole of the same color.

Picture Courtesy: Mehar Photography / Styl-Couple

Go twinning and winning with these super awesome coordinating ways. For further queries or to get styled reach us at STYL-INC.

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