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Indian weddings are famous for being grand and color and this implies to our clothes as well. Our love for colorful clothes can be prominently seen in our weddings. Weddings are a time when the bride literally gets to show off her girl squad in their uniquely coordinated attires. Coordinating doesn’t always have to be wearing the same outfits, it does look great but there are so many other ways to match. And we have some right here for you. So if you’re a bride who is confused about how to shop for your girlies then this is your deal!


So, to nail this all you have to do decide on one color and then find different types of outfits in that color. In this way, all your bridesmaids will be wearing different silhouettes and yet be perfectly coordinated.

picture courtesy: Faraz Manan


If there is a particular textile that you like then find it in different colors and you’re done. Like the bride on the left styled all her bridesmaids in bandhani sarees of different colors. Bridesmaids can coordinate wearing the same type of embroidery. Both the bridesmaids on the right are wearing different silhouettes but both have a similar type of gota embroidery. These are some offbeat co-ordinations!

picture courtesy: Andrew Adams photography/Pinterest


This is a very basic way to coordinate and you can go for this if you’re running short on time for bridesmaids shopping. Buy outfits of same silhouettes or drape in the same color with similar prints or embroidery. In this way, your squad won’t look exactly like each other and at the same time look aptly coordinated with their own style twist.

picture courtesy: Nisharavji

These are some ways you can go around bridal shopping. These tips will surely make the process smoother for you. But if you want to make the process super breezy and fun then come to us. The Styl-Inc team assures of super fun and relaxing shopping experience, getting you the best deals on everything. For further queries or to get styled reach us at STYL-INC.

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