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Continuing our body shape series, we have today one of the most seen body shapes. The one Oprah & Adele are proud owner of! That’s the oval body shape. This body type generally has slopy shoulders with big bust & fuller hips. Also, the body has a tendency to gaining weight in your stomach, back and upper body. As an oval, your body doesn’t have defined curves so our aim will be to create those.  So, to appreciate this body shape to the max, we have for you the tips & tricks to follow & get the wow factor you always wanted!

Key points to remember: UPPER BODY

  • Opt for monochromatic color schemes for clothing and accessories – Colors from one family eg: sky blue shirt and navy blue trousers. Because of the low contrast, the eye moves vertically creating an illusion of length and the person appears slimmer
  • Wear shoulder pads to give a sharper look.
  • Angular necklines (square and V) to take away attention from the roundness of the body.
  • Opt for layering, Wrap dresses, playing with prints to camouflage.
  • Darker colors for camouflaging bigger assets.
  • Emphasize shoulder and neckline area – to take away the roundness of the body.
  • Diagonal lines for slimming effect – diagonal lines bring attention inward, taking away attention from the width of the body

Key points to remember: LOWER BODY

  • Straight cuts in clothing – to take away attention from the roundness of the body
  • Opt for flared pants instead of tapered – tapered pants will make the body look bulkier by highlighting the body shape
  • High waist pants and skirts – to define the upper waistline
  • Make sure to choose only wide-hemmed pants. No skinny jeans! Structured pants in a resistant fabric are also great in making you look slimmer by shaping and restraining your figure.
  • Flat front, full straight trousers that should fit your waist and hip as a priority.


These are some of the styles which will work on point for an oval body type. For further queries or to get styled reach us at STYL-INC.

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