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Bridal Lehenga Tips for Rectangle Body Type

In a quest to look perfect people often forget to pay attention to minutest yet the most important things. But to make a perfect bride every details needs to be tend and so we started the body type series. STYL-INC is here to help you identify your body type and help you choose your perfect lehenga. So our second blog of this series is for the RECTANGLE BRIDE.

If you have a straight silhouette i.e. your bust, waist and hips are approx. the same size then you have a rectangle body type.

To flatter a rectangle body it’s important to create an illusion of curves. And I have some full proof means to help you achieve the most flattering look.


Broad, deep and curvy necklines like sweetheart, v-neck and scoop neck are most apt for a rectangle body. Such necklines will create and illusion of curves. This will make your bust look wider than your waist, giving you a curvier upper.

                                picture courtesy: pinterest/ pinterest/ Manish Malhotra

You are one of the luckiest types because you can afford to wear as heavily embellished bloused and lehengas as you like. The embellishments will work to your advantage. A nicely embellished blouse will make your upper body look voluminous and curvy. A heavy lehenga will do the same for your lower body and in between your waist will look cinched. Gorgeous way to create those curves isn’t it?

                       picture courtesy: Irfan Ahson photography/ Manish Malhotra
  1. BELTS

You will not believe in how effective this is until you try it. if you have a rectangle body type and don’t wish to get too experimental then just throw in a belt. Get a matching belt with your lehenga and see how it creates those perfect curves for you.

                             picture courtesy: Sabyasachi

Opting for layered outfits will be a boon for you. Like a cape jacket lehenga will add extra volume to your lower body which will make it look wider than the upper half. To balance it out a little get the upper half embellished. Or if wearing something like dhoti pants for a smaller function, pair it with a cape. The dhoti with the cape will create a perfect hourglass shape for you!

                                          picture courtesy: Anoli Shah/ Tarun Chawla

The way your dupatta is draped or the way your pleats and draped make a whole lot of difference.  Using pleats to add volume at the right places is the chic and classy way to do it.

                        picture courtesy: Gaurav Gupta/ Sabyasachi

STYL-TIP: to add more volume and curves to your upper half try different collars like bertha collar or a proper cape neck. Opt for a little can-can for a more voluminous lower body.


These are a few tips and tricks to help you achieve the desired hourglass look for your wedding. STYL-INC is here to put to rest all your fashion and wedding related woes and make your D-Day a dreamy affair. Be a STYL-bride and feel like a celebrity throughout.


Signin off,

Keep’in it Styl-ish,

-Priyal Malik

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